Friday, November 1, 2019




On a hammock of sweaty sand
at the end of the summer
from India its scent
shy, wandering
announces new stars
for that stormy soul.
Moon feet
among the marine fireflies
call of a goddess
without sun in appearance
wisdom inks
in verses of waterfalls ...
Of sweaty sand
just before autumn
lumiose inks
eternal youth

Lunar Salinity

New West
on this summer evening
he is opening his wings
on the eternal city
who sings love
of his first kiss.
Reflected in the heart
his song is a star
suddenly showing
the scent of the border
of new salinity
flooded with impact
from the autumn inibite

Mixed Chrysalides

I love sunsets
of summer evenings
of faraway looks
tender hugs.

I love sunsets
of night dawns
where traces of life
they hatch in flight.

I love the faded sun, a now blackened city
on the eternal horizon, cascades of birds
transpires Mosque
but a church appears.
east and west
from twilight together
summer evenings

Secretly. Lovers.

Of my perfect rank
of dreams and much love
a legend is hidden, ancient and a bit haunted
stopped in the heart
of the moon in the middle of the night.
Stealing those looks
timid, defenseless
they are free to love
this night
with courage and so much ardor.
No more separate stars
from the ancient full moon
new pulsating souls
on the border with the East: what a thrill!
But time is quite short
from the beginning of the sunset until dawn
just before the light
the show revives, devotional prophecy:
Boreal Crown

(Chinese Valentine's Day, the most famous of the five festivals, also called the 7th night Festival)

Lord Bird

Rebel and traitor
with his hermetic eyes
it is cursed by mortals,
fugitives to his signal.
Of death and pestilence
of loves it is intolerant
late at night, in the frost
he is the lord of Arizona.
Between Egyptians and Persians
it is the moon of death
who wanders with an ax
to the sea of Nigeria
looking for welcome, breathless
in the form of an Apache.
Pendants and drums
they honor the great chief
between dances and long verses
it blesses his followers,
the poets of the night


ANNA FERRIERO: Anna was born in Pollena Trocchia, a small town in the province of Naples, Italy. Anna is a Reiki master. She studies European languages at the University. She is registered with the Oriental of Naples. She has published two poetic collections (Magic of Love – Punto, Oltre l’Orizzinte) and two stories (The Crypt of Desires – Shadows in the Mirror). She has won several National and International Awards and she is  present in many National and International magazines, radios, online newspapers, reviews. She writes for several Italian, national and international newspapers and magazines. Her works have been translated into Croatian, Serbian, English, Bosnian, Chinese, Palestinian Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, Syrian Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, Albanian, Hungarian, Turkish, Swedish, Norwegian, Slovenian, Russian and Romanian languages. Mbizo Chrasha, an African poet, described Anna's verses: ANNA FERRIERO is a brilliant poet of international fame. His poetry is candlelight for the body of his audience. The lines have a sparkling rhythm like a musical ensemble of guitars, tamborines and drums. The sound of his verses are waves of a powerful sea and sometimes they become soft like the flowing tenors of a great river. reason is abundant and verbal dexterity is conservative while maintaining its literary ability. His poetry is written in so many languages. A very talented human being. In September 2019 you became an official member of WWW - World National Writer’s Union - MEMBER OF THE WORLD UNION OF THE WRITERS OF THE NATIONAL KARZAKHSTAN delivered by the great poet Muhammad Shanazar

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