Friday, November 1, 2019



Only an angel can witness
A tree's silent sorrow
A silence that merges
Into the silent sky
A clean slate clear of the inscriptions
Of love and war
Yet the clouds gather
Bringing rain to sublunary sufferers
For who amongst us can surrender our hearts
To the swallows' wings?
Dew gathers on the virgin rose
--scarlet with untold passion--
Like the teardrops of a dead sun
And silence grows over our words
Like moss over abandoned paths
As the night-river floods mirror sleep


Blood awash with blue
Your eyes are blue
The sky--just before it falls asleep--
Is blue
The world--this dreaming drifting world--is a billow
Of blue
Your eyes are blue
Your eyes are bright blue
Bright blossoming blue
And now the dream drifts in
Lifting--here and there--now and then--the veil
Off this little lurching life
A world roseate ripe resplendent
Billow upon billow
Of blood-borne blue
And blue
And blue

Canzone Pietra Dura

In the four chambers of my heart
A petrous archipelago
Forming your image
In fragments aflame
Graven in the depths of a dark dream
Blood distils the dream
And makes the flesh palpate--flint-like
Your marble mould has made of my world a monolith
My possessed breath hews the heavens
To salvage
A sign
Heaving with the perdurable pulse of a possessed face of passion-splintered rock


ANIK SAMANTA was born in 1983 and read English at Jadavpur University, where he is currently pursuing PhD. He is an Assistant Professor in English under the West Bengal Higher Education Service, currently posted at Govt. General Degree College Salboni, Paschim Medinipur. His book of poems Wordfall was published by Nandimukh Samsad in 2018. Apart from poetry his interests are Western classical music and photography. He can be reached at

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