Friday, November 1, 2019



When You Are Not Here

When you are not here
Something is missing from my bookshelf,
Maybe a letter
Even a book
Whose pages have been browsed a thousand times
And that light
Stolen from the majestic moon
Of a sleepless night
Just stands there
Silent, trapped in between thousands different types of love
Like a shadow of tracks
From where it goes
And then comes back with memories
So noisy
It plants
A tree
To bloom happily in the warmest day of spring
But like always being the first and only to outstand others.

When you are not here
A star fades
A living being keeps wandering through the sky without meaning
It shows the biggest secrets
For that someone who crossed the native river to the borders of snow
Somewhere in a forgotten place
Exploring the high peaks
Passed down from generation to generation
In the middle of the mystical tracks of life.

When you are not here
A glass of wine remains empty
There is no track of lips
Neither confusing codes for someone to decipher
The bitter taste still feels there
Or an abduction of the moment
Which abandons our world
Even it shadows which still remain
There is more than just an octopus
In the flames of the burning oil
The only flames that never extinguish
From a starry night.

When you are not here
I can't even imagine your portrait
All the colours start to fade
Birds are escaping
With broken wings
But nothing can stop their journey
When the earth kisses the sky
When the waves obey the moon
When a new light shall reborn
And finally, when a soul dies in peace.

When you are not here
I still find myself lurking in the bookshelf
Maybe I am looking for something to find
Maybe a track to that world
Which gave light to my blindness
Like in the old golden times
An unfinished poem
Just written
Broken dreams
In the edge of a window
That keeps hidden the shadows of a different world
The noises of the crossroad travellers
They never stop waiting for the green light
To overcome it
Their steps remain invisible.

When you are not here
I remain speechless
But I keep looking on the surface
There are no seasons here
Just a mess of colours
Mixed with Van Gogh's shades of yellow
Or even something by Dali's angels
Their wings shall confirm another day to start
And then to disappear terribly during the silent bloody moon.

When you are not here
I can only see black and white
Construct of a reflection that goes through
The eye prism
It doesn't know how to divide
Neither unite
It only knows how to light the torch
On the ball of brightness
On that premiere there is no king neither a queen
Only a jester hidden between the curtains
But the spectators remain all watering , sad
By all that confusing drama.

When you are not here
What is left for me to watch
A light that is born during the morning
Or during the dead facades
Which are rising up to be majestic every day
Under my feet I feel god's sacrifice
In the name of what I used to be
Lost between the curves of a rainbow
I finally made it there
To that gate
Which I entered without knocking !



AGRON SHELE was born in October 7th, 1972, in the Village of Leskaj, city of Permet, Albania.  Is the author of the following literary works: “The Steps of Clara” (Novel), “Beyond a grey curtain” (Novel), “Wrong Image” (Novel) , “Innocent Passage” (Poetry), Whiste stones ( poetry) RIME SPARSE -Il suono di due voci poetiche del Mediterraneo (Poesie di Agron Shele e Claudia Piccinno), “Ese-I and Ese-II) ” .  Mr. Shele is also the coordinator of International Anthologies: “Open Lane- 1,” “Pegasiada , Open Lane- 2 , ATUNIS magazine ( Nr 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 )” and Atunis Galaxy Antholgy 2018.  He is  winner of some international literary prizes. Is a member of the Albanian Association of Writers, member of the World Writers Association, in Ohio, United States, Poetas del Mundo, WPS, Unione world Poetry and the President of the International Poetical Galaxy “Atunis”. He is published in many newspapers, national and international magazines, as well as published in many global anthologies: Almanac 2008, 2017; World Poetry Yearbook 2009, 2013, 2015,  The Second Genesis -2013, Kibatek 2015-Italy, Keleno- Greece,  etc.  Currently Resides in Belgium and continues to dedicate his time and efforts in publishing literary works with universal values.


  1. wonderful, loved this, great job done. wonderful imagery used dear poet, god bless your pen .

  2. Please keep sharing and treating us to more! Looking forward!