Friday, November 1, 2019



The Will Of Love

The thunder roars in my heart
The lightning strikes in my sensitivity
The pain pulsates
The hurt throbs
The darkness broods
And the storm
Pelts at my own well being!

Is this all about Love?

I have heard of it
Being romanticized in stories
Made of gentlemen
As virtuous as princes
And maidens
As innocent as virginal youths!

Even if I was not ready
To face
Such ordeals
I do cling on to these
As this state
Has been willed to me
By the skies
Ruling over my palm lines!

I know,
The storm will pass
The seas shall be calm, once more,
And in the moist sand
We shall burn
With enough passion
As to ignite
In the air surrounding us
Another fiery storm,
Memento of the strength
Of the feelings we hold
For each other!

The Illusory Mirror

I look into the mirror
And see my own imperfections
As they have been drawn
To be my lot
When I was being sculpted
By those powers
Mighty enough as to have chosen
The path I would tread on!

I look into the mirror
And wish
I could be as pure as snow
As cleansing as raindrops
As magical as crystals
As soothing as the divine!

But the mirror laughs at my broods
Why is it that I lament
Over that which remains
As insignificant as is dust
In the mass of the universe?

The mirror,
Like my reflection,
Remains elusive!

Nothing remains here in this world
Nothing at all,
From natural sceneries
To youthful bodies,
Nothing remains!

Why, I turn my face
From the mirror
And gaze up at the blue skies,
Seeking to find my anchorage
Amidst their mystery!

Open up, whisper I to them
Open up,
And guide me!

Such has already been done,
Said they,
You already know your way,
Laden with mystical awakening,
Walk upon it
And fret not
For mortal imperfections
These remain
As illusory as are clouds in the sky!

Bare Truth

If you refuse to listen to me
Said I to love,
As he chose to ignore me
And the tugs tugging at my soul,
The skies will get angry
And turn me into particles of dust!

The clock is ticking
The Gods, patient,
Are watching
And the world, aimless,
Keeps revolving!

The universe holds its breath
And the entire population
Of celestial beings
Lower their eyes
Whenever I let my tears
Turn into waterfalls
Mighty and powerful!

If you refuse to listen to me,
The purpose of your visit here
On Earth becomes void
And we shall not be welcomed back home,
At least,
Not together!

Pray, I have lived for you
Ever since the awakening of the mystical
Dawned upon me
I have lived for you
Thinking that I would see you back there
In the skies
After I would cross the rivers of life!

But the powers ruling over us
Have pushed me towards you
Willing me to realise
You are here, on Earth,
In flesh and blood,
For my sake
Even if Maya and her games
Have blinded you!

I shall have no cause other than you
If I be not your sacred flower
I would willingly choose to wilt
Refusing the waters of any other hand!

I wait,
For now,
Bearing my strength
In my purity
And in faith!

I wait,
Going on my chosen path
As dutifully
As would a soldier
Following his regime!

Listen to me
And believe in me
The afterlife that has been promised
To us
Depends upon it!


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