Tuesday, December 1, 2020




Emotion Blackmail


Coming cloaked in many forms and disguises

Never missing the chance to twist the knife

Emotional blackmail is abusive and sneaky

A mental problem in persons life

Playing on emotions so taunt and frayed

Bloody, twisted and raw

Bending them to to suit selfish needs

To wear them down with a persistent gnaw

It's a truth that defies all logic

When batting circumstances beyond ones control

And statistically you can bet

It's always someone close and whom you know.

Donna McCabe ©



Digital Spy


Life has become a digital spy

You can't move for being tracked

By a computing eye

Followed, monitored,

By cameras everywhere

Watching, waiting

With their dead eye looking stare

A digital reality has come to pass

Your life no longer seems private

As it did in the not so distant past

A digital world full of trackers and chips

Life will never be the same again

It drives me out of my wits.

Donna McCabe ©



Last Kiss


The catch up is over

The talk filtered out

Nothing left to say

We both know it won't work out

Just one last slow dance

One intimate embrace

love still tugging at heartstrings

As the pulses they race

The love will last forever

As first loves always do

but we aren't getting anywhere

This thing that's me and you

The song comes to a climax

we kiss our last kiss to say goodbye

this love is a love I know

I will cherish forever

As I walk away with a tear in my eye.

Donna McCabe ©




Lock Down


I have put my heart on Lock down

Put it in a safe place

To keep it out of harms way

For it has been used and abused

Broken and battered so many times

In so many ways

It needs time to recuperate

To heal and replenish

What was stolen away

Maybe someday it will know

The purity of what others call true love and affection

But for now it's on lock down

Stored away in a safe place

That no one but myself knows.

Donna McCabe (C)




Painted Escape


My mind escapes on canvas

I get lost in the world in which I paint

Playing with colours and textures

I get time to reflect and think

To create and unleash

Tell a tale in pictures

It's a therapy,a relaxation

That knows no bounds or fixtures.

Donna McCabe ©




DONNA MCCABE was born and raised in the Rhondda Valleys, South Wales, UK. She now lives in a town called Penygraig with her husband Richard, a former post man, their daughter, their older sons having left home now. She has always loved reading and writing for as long as she can remember. She finds it therapeutic and a relief from life's every day grind and problems. She has been writing actively for the last nineteen years in which time she has had a large portion of her work published in a number of magazines, journals, local periodicals, poetry anthologies as well as various online poetry groups and forums in which she has an active member for many years.

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