Tuesday, December 1, 2020







Things overlap and words

books arteries the muscles on my back

your eyes - peppermint and honey

the hours (one and another, one hundred

and seventy-three thousand).

They crumble. Down

pouring on my face. Down

sliding in the cracks. And further down

they stand - still  

on a limb a breast on the index finger  

  (the one of solitary lovers)

sometimes instead they linger on a lip

- padlock without a code.

And I stay.


I wait and weigh and count the items

the holes the tattoos

unraveling from the chaos


Oh, the yearnings for a golden leaf

a brush a stroke a savior hand

(be blessed the wonder of the flawed!)


It’s here it’s now the ever-ending change

the dancing of the life.


In Absence - A Boat Named Hope


No moon tonight. The voracious belly

of the sea nurses on dreams

and flesh. A boat – forgiven

is tainted by shadows

while furrowing the waters.

The promised destiny is distant.

A woman's face is suspended

in absence. Yesterday

the flavor of home and native land.

Disdainful beaches




Still In The Mirror


Don't ask about me; don't question me.

I am. Here. Five hundred thousand minutes

and millions of years later, in my hands

a cup of coffee. On the window frame it flows

the rain, it slips

on the train tracks, on the ash of the asphalt,

in the night of manholes.


It was raining that day at the museum. It rained

in the bar, in our glasses, it rained

on the gesture of the hand – yours, so big –

mirror of mine.  It was still raining

at night, in the room of suspended

questions.  And you hardly held back

the blue, fracture of our selves.


Perhaps we still laugh in another

universe, clinging by chance

again, to a kiss, forgotten in the eyes

in the blood. And you move me



Now. Here. At the crossing of the winds

I become rhyme. Of stone

and of sand. For the final word.


At the end of the road - a different illusion.




LUCILLA TRAPAZZO: After a degree in German literature at “La Sapienza” University in Rome, a MA in Film & Video at the “American University” of Washington, D.C., and continuing education in art and theater, she works as an actress, a critic, and a translator.  Former editor of the cinema column of the magazine AidaNews (Geneva) and now poetry columnist for Mockup Magazine, she collaborates with different associations of art, contemporary music, and literature in the organization of literary events, festivals, and as juror for a poetry competition. Her activities range among poetry (recipient of different prizes, publications in International anthologies, and Festivals), theater, video-installations, and literary critiques. In her works she longs for a synthesis of all the different artistic languages. Her works have been shown at several International exhibitions and festivals. “Ossidiana”, poetry, 2018, Volturnia Edizioni, Isernia, Italy. (First Prize “I Murazzi”, Turin, 2019). “Dei Piccoli Mondi”, poetry, 2019, Il Leggio Edizioni, Chioggia, Venezia. “Trentagiorni”, Haiku Lucilla Trapazzo, photographs Alfio Sacco, 2019, Il Sextante, Roma.


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