Tuesday, December 1, 2020






Our Love


Every day my verses walk

looking for your stars.

Up and down,

to the north, to the south,

his song is only one:



I make circles of tenderness;

in a non-existent sky

flight, levito,

and you follow me there and give me a kiss

of fidelity.


I slept little today,

your words were not red with love,

today they had no sun,

but yes a lot of pain salt.


Today you forgot to take me

to that blue field

where you always took me dressed as a bride.


Today the pear exploded when ripe,

and it no longer serves to eat it;

throw it away for me

but remember that one day you savored its good taste.


I am not mad,

it's just

I don't feel

your sweet wines just like yesterday.


Come with me,

let's look at the world upside down,

I will see you, winged, immortal, perfect,

even if you make many mistakes;

you will see me as your only moon,

always turning and turning around you.




To Live


High adventure,

valley yes sun,

soul hole,

roses and butterflies;

joy and tears in a single handful

For some live

it's a nightmare without a mouth,

mute, mute,


Why is it so difficult to live?

carry the backpack of problems

the sting of illness, loneliness, old age, and death;

compress the pain in being so fragile

as is man.

Living is a sun that rises every morning,

and ephemeral, fleeting,

soon goes to bed in the afternoon

in sad sunsets.

Stress always walks with the modern man

it follows him like a hungry dog,

Happiness just a helium balloon

that deflates at any time.


be cool little man

remember that you are only dust,

dust and nothing.

Be happy with what you have,

the rest is just


fantasy of your alienated head.

And why can't live be pink?

Decide if you stay in the gloom of wailing

or jump to the pole of joy and peace.

Author: Edith Elvira Colqui Rojas-Peru-Rights reserved




The Concerts Were Silenced


The music of the violin

has silenced its strings

in an uncertain future,

leaving the landscape desolate and almost dead.

The concert sun no longer speaks

the goddess of music

she put away her cheerful white dresses.

It's a sunset without musical notes

with a sun that slowly falls silent

between muted orange hues.

The pandemic has silenced the voice of musicians

and the singers.

The crowded concerts

today they look desolate deserts.

We know it's for our good

but it hurts

not having the company of their violins, cellos, pianos, etc.

It hurts not to enjoy an outdoor concert,

and see our singers out of work.

A sunset without music

a sunset, without the sun of the voice of the artists and singers

has painted the hateful virus.

We resign we accept

but we wait for the return of the spree,

of the village dance,

and their laughter of joy.

But music does not die in the fatal sea of a virus,

music lives impregnated in the soul

of those who love music

down to the bone.





EDITH ELVIRA COLQUI ROJAS, Peruvian poet and writer born in Lima, studied Language and Literature at the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega University and Law at the San Martin De Porres University in Lima. He manages his own pages and poetry groups on Facebook, He has received numerous distinctions in the poetic groups of Facebook, Google, Mundo Poesía España, OME (World Organization of Writers), SVAI (Venezuelan society of international art) Shared Verses, Parnassus, Tierra Poets, Aires de libertad. She received from the Hispanic publishing house the mention among the one hundred best writers in Latin America and the Caribbean, winner of the first festival of poems in rhyme Jotabé for peace in Argentina. Honorable mention in Jotabé Ecuador 2020.

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