Tuesday, December 1, 2020




Your Name


dedicated my best Romanian friend Vasile

your name is sweet on my lips

your name song in my heart

your name balm in my soul

your name kind and friendly

your name inspire me

your name like a melody unforgettable

Dear friend

of all the names invented

your is the most beautiful



I Need You


The words fall to the floor…

I love you.

I need you.

I love you endlessly.

You are my life.

You are my universe.

The words fall to the floor…

I hate how it was all a game to you



you are special



child poem

your name Matei


Romanian name


M-is for Miracle

A- is for adorable

T-is for true

E- is for energic

I-is for innocent


MATEI-you are special



The night is cold

Typically Autumn

I am cold

you left me.

I am lonely

a cup of black tea

helps fill out

the emptiness.




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