Tuesday, December 1, 2020





Me And Myself Around Water ……


The water has been my elixir of life

In more than one way .

Being a woman of a water sign( cancer)

I often wonder about

The profound influence

The strong affinity

Towards anything but water in nature

Odourless, colourless and shapeless

I have learnt to often adapt

Change , merge and transform

With situations and humans around me

To show my love to my loved ones

The drizzles of rain

Wet my face in monsoons

My heart is at its poetic best

As each droplets kiss my lips

Leaving my soul dew drop fresh

When my emotions run rife

With tears of joys and sorrows of life

I often find myself sitting on the shores

And sharing my stories with the sea

I leant my life’s lessons from the sea

How to calm down after every turbulence

the havoc of going through a storm

Me and sea go on and on

With our non stop conversation

Sharing our stories

Learning from each other

As I feel a deep connect with sea

I sing along the rhythm of waves

With my heart beating in syn

Water shapes my perspective

It moulds my life in new ways

As a woman I know

My heart is also like

A dark and deep ocean

One probably can never

Read me just at a glance

My love is like water

Where one can fall into

And drown oneself

To merge with me forever

Splashing love and harmony

Along the way of our journey

Like a vibrant mountain stream

Water you are the elixir of my life

In more than one way …..



Our Eternal Love Story


The story of our flitting romance

Not known to the world

Yet its not hidden from the rains that night

As the rains had witnessed our union

The most amazing moment when we became one

it was physical , emotional and spiritual

The two souls who were destined to unite that night

We were never the same after that moment

But we met just once for the first and the last time

the most amazing love story that monsoon

Etched in our memories forever

Wonder where shall I find you ever

Waiting for you today and everyday !





In this noisy world

All I look for is some quietude

The noise outside

The noise inside

All I crave for is some silence

The silence without the chaos

The stillness of mind and soul

Within and outside

As wish to experience

The bliss within

With noise all around

Yet a silence within

A perfect balance

Of mind and body

Somewhat meditative

Being in this world

Living and breathing

Yet disconnected

Is this A state of Nirvana

Or am I enjoying this bliss

Amidst this chaotic world




MADHUMITA SINHA is an HR professional, a published author of a poetry book ‘Heartbeats ‘ 72,random beats and a prolific poet . She contributes her poetry in numerous international as well national literary journal . She loves to perform on her own creations at various forums and poetry clubs . She is.Being an avid Toastmaster she loves her stage presence and also enjoys judging various contests at corporates and management colleges.. She is known for her strong voice in her poetries which are women centric besides touching other emotions of life. A true romantic at heart love is her strongest emotion she enjoys Penning on and performing.In 2019 she will be featured for her poetries in 6 different anthologies published by well known publishing house..She is a corporate trainer and an HR professional ( MBA HR) and has more than two decades of experience in various MNC’s and Management Institutes across the country .In her leisure she likes to do social work and help underprivileged people.

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