Tuesday, December 1, 2020




The Atomic Spectra Of Dead Waters


a principle of indeterminacy

devours the substrate.


a cavity in the function of the waves,

the earth’s offering

in the displacement of consequence.


drifting and fleeing,

if the wind propagates into vacuum,

nomads can return:



was one hundred and eighty-seven

when he begat "I am"

and he lived on for seven hundred and eighty-two years more

to become "I will be".



died at the age of nine hundred and sixty-nine,

having reached the level of freedom

in a one-dimensional harmonic oscillator.




Erratic Factor To The Nth Degree


here the light is dimming,

as it is a world where it rains blood.


the immensity of innocence dilates

and life is frittered away.


when despair kindles the persistence of doubt,

there is so much ignorance

that words must be gathered

to calm the silence.


into the equilibrium of stars,

the surroundings sway and crash

with an effulgence that ignites miracles.


but we are the advantage.



Timeless Space


the absolute character of smallness

questions the awareness between two halves,

it plays with the boundaries

and eternalizes the causes.


I do not want

to explain what is visible

nor create

an insuperable paradox.


I’m trying to describe to you a sphere of plasma,

a quantum of light,




JOAN JOSEP BARCELÓ I BAUÇÀ (Palma de Mallorca - Spain, 1953); He studied humanities and science at the Universities of Barcelona, the Balearic Islands, Madrid and London. Intercultural mediator in the dissemination of international culture, especially Italian and Catalan. He has received several appreciations and numerous literary awards. He is the author of several poetry books in Italian and Catalan, at the same time his poetry has been translated into several languages. He develops a style characterized by surrealism, eclecticism and abstraction, with references to a dreamlike and mythical, spiritual and carnal world, in search of a revolutionary concept of poetic language that he shares and develops with visual art and painting, with participation in various exhibitions in Italy. In his poems he speaks of the mainland and the blue of the ocean, following the characteristics of a universe in which the word becomes the breath of a new time, light and darkness dominate the language in search of an infinity and a life that goes beyond own existence. For the poet, poetry takes the strength of time and becomes fury, a force that allows us to live everyday life more intensely and is a new rebirth in a poetic world that takes us into the future.


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