Tuesday, December 1, 2020






Adieu September....

2020 Puja With No Fun !


Good bye September

See you next year, you left us too fast

With your 30 days and not more

With cooler air around

Filling our lungs!

Welcome sweet October with

Festivities throughout

Children clapping around

Thinking of new colourful clothes

For festivals, they are unaware

They havs to wear the same clothes as last year as parents are not stepping out

Out of fear!

There's slight nip in the air

As winter is not far away

Off and on heavy downpour

And stomy nights and cloudy sky

Often roads flooded and rickshawpullers

struggling to carry passengers wearig masks and the shades down suffocating

with hopes in their hearts

for more money in their wallets!

They are the lifeline in my city

of Kolkata, helping you get anywhere

far or near!

Oh! October our expectations are high

But the pandemic fear

Is a stumbling block for enjoyment!

No exchanging hugs

Nor gifts of sweetmeats allowed

No pandal with heavy crowd

Durga Devi with sad eyes watching

Her children in peril from her innermost heart!

She is surrounded by only the pujari

Wearing mask looking left n right

To see if anyone sneezing!

Conchshells are blowing

In every houses

Oh October! you are so sweet n cool

With sweet fragrance

Of love in the air but with pandemic fear

Which is killing all the joys this year!

No puja merriment in the air

and no shopping seen anywhere

Shops are empty shopkeepers gloomy

No fun this year!

All wearing masks and sitting

Indoors when they should be

hopping around with happiness

all because of the criminal corona

looking out for new preys!


Sarala Balachandran




How Can I?


How can I not give you a cup of

Coffee and toast when you come home

with a bouquet of wild flowers for me

as you cant afford red roses expensive!


How I not sympathise with you

When your purse is empty

And you have not had your food

For days


How can I not give you a lavender soap as you haven't bathed for two days

For lack of soap


How can I not cry seeing your

Condition when I care for you much

And feel for you from deep within


How can I not give you a shelter

When you sleep under the open sky

As you dont have a house and an orphan you are I know!


How can I not love you

When my heart is full of you

and want to caresses your

aching heart and wipe your tears!


Tell me

How can I?


Sarala Balachandran





Who I Am I?


I am a spec in my mother's womb

I am a child of God

I am the holy river

Which flows calmly

I am the mountain

Where the rishis meditated

I am the sky and stars

Sun and moon

I am the floating clouds

I am the sea with waves

I am the sand and shore

I am the past, present and future

I am the Creator and the created!

I have no death

I am immortal

I am the universe!

I am the eternal truth

I am formless (nirakara)

You cannot see me

But my presence can be felt!

I am always with you

In your good and bad times!

I am egoless, I am love!

Love that transcends all!

I am the giver

I am the taker

I am the provider

I am your protector

I keep you safe under my wings!

I am the destroyer too when humiliated!

Fear me not

My love for you is pure

As pure as mother's milk

There is nothing purer than that!






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