Tuesday, December 1, 2020





Flicker Of Hope


Flicker of hope, reason to cope,

with unrest and endless battles.

Ground to live and not to bereave

with countless untold rattles.


Mile after mile, for a flash of smile

we flourish and thereby, thrive.

Here we go, by staying in a row,

burgeon and hence stay alive.


Life seems game, for all never same.

Patience to hold it at par.

Time will arrive, even late to derive,

if you wait for the sequel so far.


Successive falls, with destiny's calls,

following attempts within range.

Let's provide a scope for this flicker of hope

to prosper and make a change.

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Ravishing endowment of Creator Divine,

like irresistible burning charcoal.

A beck and call is enough to lure but

a fair, abandoned soul.


Stunning dimples that beguiled the hearts

rushed from every other pole.

Men valiantly fought and bled for this

fair, abandoned soul.


Vibrant hourglass frame that flaunted

the amazing shoulder mole.

Thousands of paramours hurried for this

fair, abandoned soul.


Burgeoning aura, filled with vibe,

shaped her complete and whole.

Dazzling heartthrob, flamboyant Queen but

a fair, abandoned soul.


Vivacious lips, bouncy brown hair,

played so very eventual role.

Marooned and stranded like an island,

a fair, abandoned soul.


Look at the depth of those eyes once more,

with accentuated lines of kohl.

Oceans of tear drops caged inside this

fair, abandoned soul.


Explore this insane heart once more

which seemed to smile and loll.

Full of weeds, now none to care this

fair, abandoned soul.


But Queen seems ready to beat her agonies,

would be of paramount goal.

Happy and fulfilled, none to call further

a “fair, abandoned soul.”

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All The World’s A Stage


None countable, when nothing seems mine,

since world’s a theatrical stage.

All we’re trapped and shackled inside

this ordained, predestined cage.


Too many actors, too many events

too many emotions and hence,

too many fights, too many tussels,

too many tears, so dense.


All the successes and every failure

that ends all quickly at once,

while the role play halts at a point

by Almighty’s single glance.


The stage seems furnished much from before,

destiny’s what we call.

Every occurrence adorned in sequence,

progressively seem to fall.


All we’re actors and actresses in vast,

gigantic theatrical stage.

Let’s smile and hold each other’s hands

and help and make a pledge.

All rights reserved @ copyright




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