Monday, August 1, 2022



Threshold Of Eternity


When I first saw you

It was as if I had touched the light

I found my star angle

I knew my home was in your heart.

I felt like there was no other world

I sailed with you in the poetic sea of ​​dreams

It's as if the galleys of telepathy are hovering just for us

Waiting for the arrival of the white seagulls in love.

We promised not to separate

As long as a grain of love floats in our hearts

We attached strong emotions to the common nest

How cosmopolitan goddesses would celebrate our happiness.

When I stepped into real life with you

I put on the wedding dress of blessing

Through time, we have enjoyed our common love

Now healthy heirs are waving from the lighthouse of our home.



The Light Of The Home


The family is the main foundation of society, which is based on healthy offspring and upbringing.

It is a blessing from God, the same grn, united souls.

Home is the light of man's being, without which he would be handicapped.

Home is a sacred nest where pure and unconditional love reigns.

It is the cradle that rocks us and welcomes us to the holy home to which we are always happy to return.

The family is the lifeblood and the same blood that flows through the veins.

Parents are a tree,

and the children of the branches that grow and prosper are connected by the connection of the heart to the doorstep.

A perfect home is a treasure house of love and shared secrets.

It is God's lighthouse from which the heirs shine.




My House


I am a proud Montenegrina

I say this with pride to everyone

From the pupil of my eye

My homeland shines.


Oh, dear heroic land

Leaning on the side of the sea

You came out of a fierce battle

There is nothing more beautiful in the world than you.


I love the hills, I love the fields

And the stone claims what adorns you

And the heavens I love yours

You are my favorite house.


Montenegro, a villa between countries

Glory shines from your forehead

And when darkness covers you

You are my holiest house.


I love your old tear

When tradition soaks the soul

And a chandeliers on the altar

Which brightens every wound.


I love your ore dawns

And rivers and bridges

I love your honorable people

I love my brothers, my Falcons.


Montenegro Mother dear

I carry you deep in my heart

Wherever I go I spread my wings

I'm proud of your name.




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