Monday, August 1, 2022



My House As Kingdom


No place except my house to take a rest

Where I go and come back

Then I return to the first step

Never I leave as I like with no guard


In the morning I walk to see around

To see the gate

I welcome the guest sometimes

With no anger to open the window


I know it is a task to keep relationship

With social life and humanity

And never my face as like ghost' to show

When they are coming to my castle


Not because of the place is well to live in

But the serve is friendly like blue sky

With no lighting to push away

That humanity is for the peace

June 19, 2022.Copyright


An Exremely Household


My household is extremely well to keep in heart

There are a lot of impressions which can’t be forgotten

My dad and mom create lifestyle with joyful and happy life

It reminds me when I was a child


It sometimes looks like a remembrance in my mind

To fill up my sadness and empty feeling before I come to sleep

How I can leave it away from

Though both of them are not in my side


My dad is extremely caring and educating me for all days

I miss him really

Never I go along with him to go around again and again

He is a hero of my home in the lives


Some say my household locks  like paradise

Never breaks into pieces

It a harmony where I matured that never kept a bad deed

To remind all that it is like a paradise

June  22,  2022.Copyright


I Remember It Again


My house is not far from the lake

Which be reached for hours before mid day

I reach it on a horse straightly day by day

To remember it since I was a child


To build up with the woods from the early Spring

I come across the lake in the morning

Before the frozen lake  I come to gaze

It was not on the land I used to clean


My house is not far from the lake

That makes my heart to come back at home

For I used to think once

Not for twice before the sun set in the evening


My house is not far from the like

Which is constructed like ancient building

Who knows there are alot of creatures near by

In the Spring, the flowers are blooming


My house is not far from the lake

Which seems like castle near the frozen lake

I used to come back in mid day

To take a rest for sleeping day

June 22,  2022. Copyright




SIAMIR MARULAFAU is Assoc.Prof born in Nias. He was graduated from English and Literature Department, Faculty of Cultural Study, University of North Sumatra, Medan-Indonesia.  He is now still teaching English and Literature, and writing poems and short stories. His works were mostly published in social medias "HUMANITY"(2015); "LIGHTING” (2016), and some other works or poems   in Indonesian language and English. He has written 9 poems anthologies.  He was a poet and conducted a scientific paper and research in Terengganu, Malaysia,2017, Pahang,2017, USM Penang,2017, Singapore,2018, UPM, Malaysia,2018 and UNY, Yokyakarta,2018,  and University of Gajahmada (UGM), 2020.



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