Monday, August 1, 2022





This house was just bricks and mortar

Until love and families grew into it

Now it's a proper home.

Donna McCabe ©




I observe the sun

Moving across the ferns

Shadows forming and dispersing

As they sway in the breeze

Feeling a deep sense

That I belong here

This is my home.

Donna McCabe ©


Ghost Of You...


The ghost of you still haunts

Creeps in and stings ones heart

Whenever sentimental tunes play...

Donna McCabe ©


Carnival Hearts


Ghosts of memories past

All the fun of the fair

The music, the smells, the laughter

Bright candescent colours and flare

Oh how the times have changed...

Donna McCabe ©


Melancholic Memories


Lost in sweet scented memories

I bleed roses

At the thoughts of you...

Donna McCabe ©




We know all too well

Time is flying by

We get split, torn, divided

Causing a psychological war

Deep within ourselves

As to how to use it

And spend it

Wasting so much valuable time

Thinking we have

All the time in the world.

Donna McCabe ©




DONNA MCCABE is an established poet with over twenty years’ experience. Her work has gained her multiple accolades within her field of literature. From being published in journals, magazines and anthologies she is also a respected admin on social media pages as well as having her own Instagram page, @donnamccabe_

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