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The Ritual Of A Sunrise


It's snowing on me with flowers

in the morning in which

spring has been imprisoned

the sun drops in the lamppost of the green stems,

and the white celestial angels

Those who leave their forehead

as a question mark

in the epoch of rebirth

of hot embryo rolled through the Universe.

The Earth becomes a newborn baby,

what discovers the milk source

from the breast of spring transact in crépuscule

of these three seasons until the snow

will bound to put his wink

sending it into the hibernation nothingness.


Poets Of Earth You Have A Chance...


Poets of Earth you have a chance

to unite all spirits through the voice of poetry.

Soak the pen into the inkpot of light,

in the irradiation center of the Universe,

like a divine firework, to extract the knowledge

from the heart of stars!

Move the levers of our soul's progress,

by removing the old and false idols!

Innovate the figment of life

and build a fair hierarchy of values

in order to unravel the crux of humanity!

Be in a constant state of wakefulness,

in persistent and fertile anxiety, in an active lucidity,

in cruel insomnia towards obsolete concepts,

with an intellect always on the alert,

with a temperament of a warrior against clichés,

in perspective of the road to the truth!

Bring new and priceless lights

in the march of humanity towards

the peaks of knowledge!

Operating with the divine wire of the imponderable,

you have the fortune to manipulate

the nuances of the mystery!

By exploring the creative subconscious,

you have great serendipity of purification by catharsis

therefore the inner vibration will blend

in the colors of reverie!

Poets of Earth you have a chance

to unite humanity with divinity

through the lyrical voice of poetry!


Spiritual Hues


Love's almond tree has flourished

in spiritual hues over our spirits,

like a driving force supplying

the need for spirituality and morality

in a malicious and versatile civilization,

where it strikes, too fast, with obliteration

over the feverish forehead of love.

This vacuum and insensitive horizon of humanity

limits the inception and speeds up the end.

Love's almond tree has blossomed

in spiritual hues over the drained times

within us, with the divine light of hope,

melting material solitude

in inner harmonies, vibrations

and glorious resonances.

Love's almond tree has flowered

in spiritual hues over metaphysical,

and ineffable tensions with its pure fragrance,

spilling it in the heartbeat,

pulsing synchronously

when the moon magnetism

it is a privilege for lovers to kiss

with its intense polish of crystal

in a crepuscular nostalgia.



Human Values



It all starts with us,

from the meridians of our soul,

of our benevolence,

in us, this flowery space is born,

this perfect spectacle of the spirit.

10% is due to the outside world,

90%, of the way we perceive the world.



It's Russian roulette,

one of the seconds will be a bullet,

in all other moments

creates a reason to breathe,

embody your dreams!



Brighten a lamppost with peaks from the sun,

understand the metaphors of light,

print their colors on your retina.



Live as freely as possible,

in the captivity of a cage,

the birds lose their brilliance and meaning.



Assume a maximum of contradictions,

plunge into the whirlwind of pleasure and pain,

burn in your own being

with extravagance, harshness, depth,

with the energy of a mystery.



The most positive expression of the void,

a cosmic trance, an explosion of spheres,

a sublime spell that awakens creation,

opposes lucidity, and gives birth to the universe.

It consumes the soul, it ruins certainty.

The blood reverberated in chords,

in a perpetual celebration

obscure and bright alike.

Love is an almost metaphysical refusal

to be faithful only to yourself,

it is the supreme human sacrifice

and the most consistent of values.


Love - The Fifth Season


I comprehend the depth of creation,

gathering happiness from The Universe,

in goblets of the sun,

with mystical revelations

and rebellious alchemy.

Figments of love,

into explosions of vibrations,

brings to earth

lithe ripples of harmony.

And The Earth flourishes, metaphorically,

in paradisiacal gifts

of the seeds of millennia of love.

Which, from the fleshy edge of The Earth,

spit out the voluptuous life, cyclically,

on a perpetual journey

of love, for an eternity.




CORINA JUNGHIATU: Corina Junghiatu is born in Romania. She has been writing poetry since she was 11 years old. Corina has written and published two books of poetry: „Exile in the light” and „The ritual of a Sunrise” and the third book is under way „Spiritual Hues”. She is writer, literary critic, book reviewer, editor, public speaker, co-organizer and moderator of international poetry festivals, literary and cultural events and also coordinator of anthologies. Her writing has appeared in nationally and internationally forums such as: journals, anthologies, magazine, newspapers and won several poetry awards from prestigious organisations, published in Italy, Belgium, U.S.A, Mexic, South Africa, India, Tunisia, Morocco, Serbia, Montenegro, Egypt, Syria and Romania. She studied English and Italian Literature in University Bucharest.  Corina is unique and versatile in his own style and diction. She loves nature, humanity, spiritualism, reading, travelling and she has interest in Art, Painting, Philosophy, Theology, Psychology but Poetry is the essence of her existence.


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