Monday, August 1, 2022



Home - Land


Let's build a home, from stone and mud

and we do not lament

because we  will have a roof to protect us

from adversities of all kinds of weather.


Let's also build card towers

in search of justice

but justice is hard to come

by to us powerless.


We are also building a homeland

as a tower of laws, regulations, contracts,

but no one asks the people,

because they build a tower of cards

only those who carry the laws

to please them,

always to the detriment of the people.


Let's save this home which we carry

 in our hearts like a temple

where heavy gates guard

all our sufferings.


If you hear the soft cries of children,

wail of old men and mothers,

they are hungry and hungry,

they demolished their homes

not by laws or regulations

but by the bombs of the overlord.


Keep home in people's hearts

when you go out into the world

a new homeland to seek,

because you know, you'll never get anywhere

neither warm nor intimate

but only in their own homeland


Home is the most beautiful temple

 if you save it from the onslaught

those who shape your destiny

and they never ask you.


Motherland if you save

it if you come back again,

keep her as the apple of your eye,

as one's own birth

what mothers keep

as a sacred thing that you do not give

no one to touch.


My Home


My real home, the most spacious is

the homeland, where everyday

I born and reborn,

where from every drop of farmer's sweat

the fruits are juicy

where the sky is the most spacious

 because there are no limits.


My home is your heart to

where you have been taking care of me for decades

from erasure and oblivion

which in the rhythm of waking up and falling asleep

it ticks daily like a clock on the old tower.


You are my homeland

that you flow through my veins like blood

all my spring water

from which I am powered.


You are my homeland

mother, friend, brothers and sisters,

my children in whose heart there is still a memory

for all our sufferings and injury

for all that is not told to anyone,

no one knows how to keep such a secret,

as my holy temple - home





BILJANA Z.  BILJANOVSKA: Skopje, Republik of Macedonia Biljana Z. Biljnovska (Skopje,1948) is a professional (freelance) translator, journalist, writer- novelist, poet, essayist. Most of schooling followed in the Serbo-Croatian language, in Belgrade, and finished elementary and high school, and part of university education. She graduated from the State University " St. Cyril and Methodius “, Faculty of Philology in Skopje, on the group Romance Philology, where she studied French and Italian languages, literature and culture.  On several occasions abroad in Italy to improve translation and interpretation on the High School of translators and interpreters in Milan. In her resume but translations from Macedonian on to the Serbian, language, equally represented translations from French and Italian authors in to Macedonian and Serbian language, and from Serbian and Macedonian into French and Italian languages. She is present with her poetry in several Anthology and translated in several languages (as Serbian, French, Italian, Malesiyan, Spanish, Albanian, English etc.) On the beginning of this year (march 2022) she had received honorary career recognition from the Velardiniello 2022 Academy in Naples (Italy).


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