Monday, August 1, 2022



Those Days


Those days…..beckoning me

to a life in a south-facing home,

that enriched with pomelos

a place where memories lie,

showered by golden affection


I have left that heaven on earth

being away from a chain of plays and toys

trapped in a life’s grieves

hugged by the complicatedness


It’s the distance, separating

make the frozen memories, melting

I wiped the solemn tears

of longing towards the childhood.


The Sound


That white house

Which captured wind and sun gracefully

Made weird memories


Nights with imaginations

Stuffed the mind

From the noisy kitchen walls

With indescribable sounds


Between fear and curiosity

Courage and confidence

Tried to fight the invisible things

For nurturing the sanity


Years passed

The noise remains

In silence, when half asleep half awake

Those sounds came to my mind as stories

Grey capes, savanna, fiddle and him!


Blood Lilies And Dahlias


In blood lilies and dahlias

the scintillating  colors

brighten the dull window

and lighten her mood


she put sugar on tea

and throw her sorrow away

on the flower petals

and painting brush


at her home before the window

she communicates with those beauties,

the blood lilies and dahlias

bring their soul

to enliven her gloomy walls


paintings are everywhere

dominate the house but emotionless.



EWITH BAHAR is a poetess, novelist, editor, translator and essayist  from Indonesia. She has written eleven books in all genres: poetry, short stories, novel and ssay. Hundreds of her poems were published in many national newspapers, journals and online medias, home and abroad. Some of her works, are already translated in many foreign languages, such as English, Spanish, Indian, Serbian, Armenian, Uzbek, Nepali, French, Italian, Arabian, and Korean.  She also translated many of her eminent fellow poets into Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia). One of her own poetry books, Sonata Borobudur, got a prestigious prize from Indonesian National Library as The Best Five Indonesian Poetry Books 2019. On October 2021, her poem, Imigran Digital (Digital Immigrant), won the third place in a poetry writing competition, related to outstanding yearly Indonesian Poetry Day celebration. She is now active in KaBi (Kanal Buku Indonesia – Indonesian Book Channel) and as a public speaker for creative writing, communication matters and bibliotherapy.


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