Monday, August 1, 2022



I Love My Home


I love my home of mud and twigs

With roof of bamboos and dry grasses

I love its windows and sills and doors

And there the flapping sounds of wings


I love my home at the lap of hills

With fresh wind blowing and cooling

I love the strand of ray passing over it

And birds perching with melodious trills


I love my home of love and peace

Of family, friends, kins and my pets

Days’ chores give me fatigues and pains

In home’s safe embrace I get heavenly bliss


Away From My Home


In this hot concrete jungles

I often miss my home in the village

With its pristine greenery and ambience

I sometimes get lost in its soothing foliage


In this rat race for success

I often feel lost in the sea of faces

I remember the past days in my home

With its smiling men and charming lasses


I often see dreams to be

With the birds, bees and flowers

To sit by the murmuring stream and

Sing songs of romance in my lonely hours


In this world of smokes

And sounds I feel like going back

To read and write in a serene environ

Sitting by the window of my little shack



Home Sweet Home


In my home I find my love

In my home I have you

In my home I feel fresh

I feel like taking birth anew


In my home I have a family

In my home I get peace

In my home I am truly safe

To my home I always miss


In my home with its lush

Green around I feel blessed

Within its walls of protection

I wish I will take my eternal rest



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