Saturday, October 1, 2022



Between My Lips

Dedicate to my Homlande


Between my lips

always rests

your name - my love.


Between my hands

there is always a place

for a consolation, to build for you

a hiding place - my love.


Between my thoughts

there are always verses

I use to weave

a new attire

for your freedom - my love.



I Would...


I would like with speech to enrich all people,

with warm word to open their hearts to them,

the whole world through different

flows to expire and bring joy to everyone.

I would like with warm look

to receive all the children of the world

as they were our born,

to not feel the difference among strangers and their own.

I would like to all the nations of the world

To speak only about peace

About understanding and craving

that we all equally struggle for it,

that peace to be our unique cry and the goal exalted.

I would, but I do not,

Power loves use weapons to parade,

To show them power in front of everyone to exercise.

I would like to silence them, but they are louder,

because of the money they turning 

around a world just how they wish.

I would do a lot for people but the only thing I can do

is to enlighten the world with words

and to expect, to follow spiritual growth of our race

human - the only one!


Freedom Exhale




I'm not asking, but I'm saying -

When I smell running baked bread,

When I taste freshness

Of source waters

When early in the morning at dawn

Wake up me the bird singing

At the nearby plum,

When the dogs bark walking,

When the cat runs

To take their breakfast.

When comes from afar

Bell of church towers

announcing morning prayer -

    That's all for me

    Carries the smell of freedom -

    FREEDOM which spreads without borders

    From my secret corner

    To the whole world.




BILJANA Z. BILJANOVSKA: SKOPJE REPUBLIK OF N. MACEDONIA Biljana Z. Biljnovska (Skopje,1948) is a professional (freelance) translator, journalist, writer- novelist, poet, essayist. Most of schooling followed in the Serbo-Croatian language, in Belgrade, and finished elementary and high school, and part of university education. She graduated from the State University " St. Cyril and Methodius “, Faculty of Philology in Skopje, on the group Romance Philology, where he studied French and Italian languages, literature and culture.  On several occasions abroad in Italy to improve translation and interoperation on the High School of translators and interpreters in Milan. In her resume but translations from Macedonian on to the Serbian, language, equally represented translations from French and Italian authors in to Macedonian and Serbian languages, and from Serbian and Macedonian into French and Italian languages.  She is present with her poetry in several Anthology and translated in sveral lenguages (as Serbian, French, Italian, Milesian, Spanish, Albanian, English etc.) In the 2021 in Belgrade was published her bilingual (Serbian – Macedonian) poetry book “Psycha in search of the time”. On the beginning of this year (march 2022) she had received honorary career recognition from the Velardiniello 2022 Academy in Naples (Italy).


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