Tuesday, March 1, 2016



(Perfect Lips)

To the woman with perfect lips
and the weight of the world on her shoulders
how long before the anticipation
consumes you in its birthing retirement?
We have jealous eyes
for our own wants and desirous dreams
taking taxis to and fro
without ever really getting off the tow.
To begin the journey
the engine must permit the heart to drive you
to the final destination of your quest.

Why do you wait so long
when the bridled truth is in your gut?
Why do you hesitate
when you will eventually command the vessel?

To the woman with a perfect face
whose gazes at me across time and space
how long before my lips touch
the solemn whispers of all your longings?
We fit have but one puzzle piece
remaining to be inserted and not skirted, for love
will always be hidden in your mind.
The nucleus of your smile
transcends the internal workings of your body
and I want you more than Sun
burning away forever contained within.

Why do you spendthrift careless tears
knowing the suffering is unbearable at times?
Why do you hide away the Canterbury flames
imparted by your own illusions?

To the woman who bears these resemblances
we are soul tied and bound by these reasonings
escaping occasionally into a clinic
that bandages our fevers and separates woes.
To have a boundless love
how many people of this good earth can mark
these tremendous waverings?
Scissor the towline, for the majestic freedom
of your hearts birth is nigh.
Our body aches
to be cradled by the arms of our destiny's fate.


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