Sunday, July 1, 2018




I wake up gently and the sun is not up yet
but already the light of dawn announces his coming
with every breath wakes the pure joy of existence,
admiration and gratitude for the magnificence of creation

then I feel the warm rays of the sun caressing my face
I am so attracted to the intense blue of the sky
I feel almost lost in it

day by day I discover the secrets of nature
and I understand that I am his integral part

in my eyes I have the absolute clarity of that day
sea blue and calm, what on the horizon becomes the sky
and the idea of garden green islands
wondrous beauty, lost after his circle

I have the desire to stay here
hear in the silence the voice of the sea
see the waves kissing the shore
and listen to the voice of the wind
and I feel myself infinitely expanded upon,
enclosing stars, galaxies
feeling inside me every animal,
each living being present on my planet
enjoying and suffering with them

in the temple of my body I can hear the voice
She speaks to me with an Infinite Love
the truth that we are Oneness
the One Divine Energy
that pervades the All in all sizes,
at the brightest star
to the insignificant grain of dust on Earth
I'm with you, I'm with them, I‘m water and earth
I'm happy Here and Now


there is mystery in every single drop of water
when it rains from heaven thousands of drops fall
and one seems to be similar to the second
and each one is a perfect reflection
the surrounding world, a small masterpiece of nature ...

First hung at your eyelashes seemed to be a tear
and then slid on your lips
as if it wanted to say something to you
another settled on your hair
skimming through them giving a brief caress

and then there are others
that have fallen on oak leaves
soaked and have become a part of it

millions of drops have been drinking from the earth
and they have become the grass, flowers, and trees

those that have remained on the ground
kidnapped by the rays of the sun
quickly they fled to the sky

we are as millions of droplets
similar between them and each different
everyone is trying to achieve a different goal

but in the end we all fly up to the sky
trapped in a perpetual cycle of circulation


and yet just open your eyes
the morning greets us similar to others
but the different happiness dissipates in the air
because the joy of life never stops

They absorb every sound,
every note and now I know how the day will be
vibrating sun on the clear sky
I still feel the fragrance of dreams
entangled half white sheets
drowsiness jasmine erotic

now is the time to enjoy the friendly and joyful greetings
immerse yourself in the crystal clear day
get carried away by this wave of thoughts
without putting up a dam

and my heart beats:
I am
I am
I am
in this moment I am
an integral part of the universe


JOANNA KALINOWSKA, says about herself, that she was born under a wandering star. She, as a child (a daughter of an officer), often moved from one place to another. These constant changes taught her the openness and the willingness to meet new people and places. She spent many years in Poland. Sixteen years ago she moved to Italy. She has always been writing but she publishes now. Her book “Ascoltando Azzurro –Wsłuchana w błękit” was written so that people who speak different languages can express the same feelings. Three volumes of her poetry were edited and her poems were printed in various anthologies and magazines. She writes and publishes in two languages, both Polish and Italian. She loves these two countries. They are her homelands. She arranged “The Amici Italia-Polonia Association”. Its headquarters there is in Taranto — the city where she lives and works. She is a teacher, but she actually works as a translator and an activist of the Polish community. She is a member of the Warsaw Association of Literature’s Translators. Joanna works for the Italian literary-cultural group “La Vallisa”, too. She also cooperates with magazine of this group. She is the initiator and organizer of many cultural and social events.

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