Saturday, June 1, 2019




I saw the horizons drifting through my soul
The skies, clouds, storms dissipating
The thunderbolt throbbing through my pensive mind
The flash of lightning thrashing my stranded heart.
I felt indiscernible alleys taking hold of me
My thoughts, emotions have deserted me
Clouds of inspiration flooded my sky
Dripping and pouring my nebula with dusky colors.
Black holes and galaxies become tiny
The super massive planet has inhabited my retina
Light travelling as waves and particles came nearby
They scattered their faint glow like pieces of crystal clear liquid.
Mountains of magnetite tossed their ions through my fragile soul
I felt the magnetic field usurping from within
A wave of ecstatic love has penetrated the sea of my thoughts
A surging mystic being this mystifying manifestation has brought.
Skies and earth slither under the spell of this resurfacing emotion
Mountains and valleys become covered with stardust of the galactic universe
Sun and Moon coalesced into this gigantic density
All the globe turned into a tiny sphere
that evaporated through the tunnel of one soul.
Jenayah Hela Copyright 10/10/18


I am a human being tied to a special relativity
Obsolete , soulless, a mere entropy
The theory of Einstein killed my humanity
My sword and my fire are bereft of their purity
Like a pendulum oscillating me to and fro
A conventional compass whose time is overdue
I am entangled in the maze of science and philosophy
Soliciting a wise correlation between the finite world and infinity
Auguries of innocence gives matter to my substance
A spirit mingled with my romantic essence
Blake's holding eternity in the palms of his hands
Bewildered my soul to capture infinity in an hour
For the theory of special relativity takes my soul beyond the confines of the absolute
Whispering to my ears the same immortal music of energy, matter, spirit , and the eternal flute My access to consciousness with its topsy  turvy bewilderment
Pushed away from spiritual philosophy I am left in awe and astonishment
I and the special relativity are intimately interwoven
My subjectivity and incompatibility are raw materials
that are neither scientifically nor logically proven .
Jenayah Hela Copyrighted 17/12/18


I hate myself ,then ,I love myself
I do not know who I should be
A little girl who needs a sweet lullaby
A woman who has lost her identity
Finding a shelter in the higher self
Looking for some kind of dignity
I hate myself ,then, I love myself
I am a misfit , an insane , drowned in poetry
A fool , a daftie, sunk in sheer travesty
I am dancing in the chorus of my lines
A whirling dervish in the Flea Palace
Swirling , twisting , twirling , swinging
I hate myself , then, I love myself
In my own hatred I embrace my insanity
In my own love I meet my sweet destiny
For the higher self speaks to me in whisper
Between love and hatred I find my shelter.


HELA JENAYAH TEKALI is an English teacher, exercising her profession at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Tunis, Tunisia. She is a young spiritual poetess who started writing poetry four years ago. Mrs. Tekali is interested in a special theme in poetry which is Spiritual Philosophy. As she puts "I believe that Spirituality is the essence of human life. There can’t be a real, genuine and transparent vision of truth without a glimpse of Spirituality in our daily life and thereby, there is nothing wiser in the world than to be endowed with spiritual wisdom." "Spirituality is the Mystical face of religion…. Spirituality is the Mirror that reflects divine vision". "The soul is the essence of our existence. The human body is a mask, a mere Simulacrum. It is the soul that heals, enlightens our instinct and endows our desperate heart with energy, faith and light." "A soulless human being is like a beast wondering in a wild desert, unable to control its deep impulses, manipulates its uncontrollable desires, its intense ecstasy and its unmanageable lust after the material world."

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