Thursday, August 1, 2019




By a street of cobble stone in Helsingör
A lovely Sunday morning
I met in a courtyard
A man I knew before
He reached out his hand
In which he held a notebook
-I have something for thou
He smiled with eyes half shut
-I knew we would meet someday
I’ve chosen you on a journey over time
On a journey where time has no days
-Therefore thou I visited in thy dreams
And sometimes guided thou
For I saw thou had feeling
Thou could sense the balance
Between high and low
Between the beauty and the sad
Where words are filled with emotions
Sometimes they are beautiful
Sometimes they are sad
Because time is unlimited
Using the power of words
-Here is my book
He reached out his hand
-And what was your name?
I bashfully asked
-William, madame
He replied with a bow

He lifted his hat
And then turned around
Disappeared in the courtyard
Where he once did come from
On a Sunday morning in Helsingör
By a street of cobble stone
Almost anything can happen
If you let it
Just allow
Your fantasy
To break free
For just a moment..!


A shining dragonfly suddenly landed
On my newly written poem
It gazed at me with astonished eyes
And asked somewhat confused
Why am I not in your new poem?
I – who am so beautiful
You paint the summer with such joyful words
With lovely flowers and butterflies
You fill with love each corner of your poems
A new striped dress-coat for the bumble-bee
The nightingale and his evening aria
The fragrance of the apple tree
You write of fabulous summer nights
With the fullest of a full moon
But what about me then? Who am so pretty
With magic colors in all its shades
Who makes pirouettes on the water surface
Like a master of the ballet
You have not yet put me on paper
But if you do you will clearly see
The words you paint with will be enchanted
Just like the loveliest summer myth!


Oh, what happened to time?
So many years that just went by
Still it seems like only yesterday
When I saw a part of me
Reflecting in your eyes
My lovely little sweet baby child!
Love filled my heart
Love for the newborn life
I felt so enormously proud
My soul rose unexpectedly
My new role – Grandma!
Um-huh! Believe it or not!
I suddenly heard
songs sung by angels
I heard a huge angel choir
They bid you welcome
Welcome to life
I saw a tall white guardian angel
With a burning torch of life
Standing guard by your bedside
Standing guard to protect your life
And today – all of a sudden
You become fifteen – and I ask myself
When did these years pass
From tiny rosebud
To the loveliest sweet rose
I have ever seen!


Summer painted fields
Just like a sea of poppy flowers
Between heaven and earth
Undreamed dreams are hovering
Dreams undreamed of real true love
Maybe longing for someone
Someone who wants to share
Their seventh heaven with you
For everyone has their own seventh heaven
In daily life
Or maybe, maybe…
My thoughts have captured
One of the undreamed dreams
This dream is only mine
This dream I always dream
Shortly before midsummer
In my dream I see
Summer painted fields
Just like a sea of poppy flowers
I see myself
Hovering between heaven and earth
Dancing pirouettes
With undreamed dreams
With colorful butterflies
Who colored the words of my poem
Words that welcome midsummer
Lovely, joyful midsummer…!


Sleepless nights
In countless numbers
Sleepless nights
When I cursed your name
I fell asleep
I could not fight it
With pasted questions
On my lips
With repressed tears
Cry in my throat
I felt so lonely, so lonely
My life felt like it lost its glow
Sleepless nights
I reached for your hand
Reached for your lips
Tried to hear your heartbeat
Sleepless nights
When I wished you were by my side
when I wished you would take me
Take me in your arms
Sleepless nights
When I fought against my loneliness
When I fought for our love
Fought for you and me


JOANNA SVENSSON JOSEFSSON. She is a swedish author and poet who writes under the name of Joanna Svensson. Although she was born in Warszawa, she has lived most of her life in Sweden and Germany. She writes in three different languages – swedish, polish and german. Among her production are two fiction novels – part one and two in a trilogy – the third is on its way. Further more is a book of poetry in german and two poetry books in Swedish of which the first one is already being translated into English by her husband, who is a language teacher and  graphic designer. She has participated in several anthologies and she is very active in both swedish and polish literature society.  She also gives lectures on the subject of  “Prosperity and success with dyslexia.” She focuses on both teenagers and grown-ups. Because dyslexia should not be an obstacle – it is an advantage!

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  1. Enjoyable read. Wonderful collection of poems. A well-deserved POET OF THE MONTH (September 2019) AWARD.