Wednesday, April 1, 2020



I Didn't Know The Loneliness Of Life

I didn't know the desolation of life
Its silences
Its impervious
Its oddities
Its hopelessness
Its evils
Its wars
Its noises
Its screaming
Its sadness
Its pains
Its slyness
Its fights
Its griefs
Its complexities
Its ingratitude
Its ambitions
Its stinginess
Its wasting
Its making fun of
Its gossips
Its self- seeking
Its jealousies
Its angers
Its heart breaks
Its ignorances
Its stubbornness
Its incompatibilities
Its impatience
Its ruthlessness
Its rudeness
Its sloth
Its indecent
Its arrogance
Its resentments
Its selfishness
Its disputes
Its cruelties
Its slanders
Its pretensions
Its lies
Its betrayals
Its tattle
Its hates
Its flaws
I didn't know
Maybe if people knew
They wouldn't want to come to the World
I didn't know the loneliness of life.

It Finds You One Day

Wrongs you made one day
You have beautiful things
Causes it do disappear
Your injustices
You see the recompense one day
Things with you
Lost years
You lost opportunities
Your injustices
You see the recompense one day
Your choices
Your chosen ways
Your fate happens
Your injustices
You see the recompense one day
You think it will take long
Your choices exhaustible in a short time
Finds the end
Your injustices
You see the recompense one day
Even if you regret what you did
I don't know what will happen
Because you don't have your losses
Maybe it's too late.


Sometimes there is a hope,
You just need to say a word.
Sometimes there is a no hope,
Not even enough if you say a thousand words.
Life is as like that.


TÜRKAN ERGÖR, Philosopher, Writer, Poet, Ambassador for Peace, Professor Honour of Philosophy and Peace, Professor Honour of Sociology, Professor Honour of Psychology, Professor Honour of Human Rights, Doctor Honour of Law, World Peace Icon. She is an Administrator in Motivational Strips Academy of Literary Excellence & Wisdom. Türkan Ergör was born in 19 March 1975 in Çanakkale, Turkey. She is from city İzmir, Turkey . Her father name is Sait Halim Ergör. She graduated from the Department of Business Management, Philosophy and Home Management. Türkan Ergör is the Turkey Office Administrator for Motivational Strips, the World's most active writers forum. She was awarded the " Global Literature Guardian " by Motivational Strips in association with World Nation Writers Union. Türkan Ergör, specialises in bilingual poetry which comprises of English and Turkish poems. She is popular among Global Writers in Motivational Strips. She is the author for bilingual poetry book called " RING-YÜZÜK " . The book has been sold internationally and garnered fame for its profound poetry related to life and environment. She believes that each day lived is a new learning which inspires her to write on varied subjects. Türkan Ergör is a writer who knows and embraces love as our common language. She is an International Ambassador for Peace in some countries. She is International Goodwill Ambassador of the Brahmand Evolution Council, the Universal Mission for Peace. She is a member of the WNWU - Union of Writers of the World in Kazakhstan. She has won additionally many awards and accolades from various entities and instutions abroad. She is an icon of peace and has been awarded by World Institute of Peace, Nigeria for her social activities to upkeep World peace in 2017. The World Poets Union was awarded the medal for World peace from Italy. She TEMIRQAZYQ - SPANISH Language, World's Nations Writers' Union Kazakhstan, Best Poet / Writer Award 2018-DIPLOMA II won. She was awarded the " World Poetry Star " World Literature Award by the World Writers'Union of Kazakhstan. Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela Prize for Peace and Literature won. She was " SENATOR ELECTED OF THE ITALY WORLD UNION OF POETS FOR CHAMBRE OF POETS " from 29 December 2018 until 30 June 2019, Her Senatorcontinues until 22 June 2022. International Conference on Multi Disciplinary Research awardedher International Best Poet 2020. Her poems were published in International Antologhies named " Temirqazyq - Best Poet / Writer 2017 World Anthology by World Nations Writers' Union Kazakhstan, LET THERE BE PEACE, ATUNIS GALAXY ANTHOLOGY-2019, IN DEPTH, A SPARK of HOPE. World Royal Family His Royal Highness Majesty of the World Prof. Dr. Dato'Raja Arifin Bin Raja Haji Ali was awarded the Royal document. Paramount Sultan of the Philippines HM SULTAN MORAD S. UMPA and HRH SULTAN ALI AMPASO UMPA gave the title of Princess for Türkan Ergör. She was awarded honorary Professor and Doctorate by various countries.  Her messages: Our children are crying for peace and love, please abandon hatred and make this World beautiful for our children.

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