Sunday, November 1, 2020





Your Name


Every time I want to write a name,


Your letter comes the first,


I want to dispel it, but I don’t know how…


Why every word starts from You?!




I try and try….


I feel my eyes, they are enraged,


I just begin again to write,


The letters with your name are playing!




I remove the sheet, take another,


Again resembles the same sheet…


So strongly your name is rooted,


It does not leave the sheet, even you shout!




Obliged, I call strongly,


Like a spoiled child is expressed in joy,


From creasy, the letter is straightened up,


Suddenly the same letters are arranged!




Smilingly, I gather them,


Again your name I accompany,


I look for the meaning, looking with my heart,


The same name the eyes seek insistently!





The Words That Are Following Me


You reproached me,


You were bored with me,


My wise teacher,


I would want your advices,


To cite them in continuity,


To gilt them,


To say to myself,


Have a good trip!




The Orphan



The eyes have lost their sight…


I cry a lot…. I cry….


The drops of tears,


Are shedding…. are shedding innocently,


They take with them the dirtiness of the cheeks,


I want to wipe them…


They join each - other,


With the dirtiness of the hands,


And they fall down in a hurry.


And so, seeing the drops,


I laugh… only laugh…


I have nothing to do…


This, already, had remained to me!




FARIDA RAMADANI: Born and living in Shkodra. Graduate - Teacher in Language and Literature Graduated - "Mediator, Preventer of Social Problems" (Psychologist) from Regione Emilia Romania. Work - Language Teacher - Reading (Albanian). Several years at the Shkodra District Court as an expert-psychologist. Ratings and awards. Several different appreciation awards throughout the Albanian diaspora in various literary meetings. Some articles on various topics published in some newspapers and magazines, etc. Included in the publications of several authors and in several anthologies in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and the Diaspora.


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