Sunday, November 1, 2020





When You Are Not Here.


I miss you, abiding in the mind and in the heart the thoughts persist in the invented dance, each time it allows to rise from the ground at the same time.

The chosen music is dreamy, romantic, meditative.

There are melodies to keep me company, refrains, memories of the best moments.

Words of love and its infinite refrain ... together we sing for the joy of the heart. Balm and ointments are greetings.

Is it safe to ask how are you? never the same, expectation, resonant musicality in the morning, burst of vitality in the new day.

When you are not there, the immense that you have given me compensates for the absence to draw freshness from the ampoule of the innumerable desires expressed, deeply quenched in the breath that I perceive everywhere. And even when you are not there ... you are there !!!





I Love You.


I love you more than the universe because if I were not among the billions of inhabitants no one would have had the key to my heart ...

I love you more than the water of the oceans that touch the abyss and the sky on the horizon but only you from the depths of my soul re-emerge every moment to touch the sky together ...

I love you more than the snowy peaks of the mountains of the places you know in the climb to explore my world that becomes poetry in your hands.

I love you more than the sun that with the rays warms the heart in love, in the distance you too, take its place in the ardent passion that burns unconsumed, always renewed at the very thought.

I love you more than the evergreen meadows and plants that oxygenate the air around the perfume of white flowers of the whiteness of a rainbow feeling of never gray clouds.

I love you more than the impetuous rain of the storms that appear to counter our good and more than the refreshing rain that washes wounds and well-being covers the bodies.

I love you more than the wind that ruffles my whims and subsides in the melodies of your reassuring voice that tomorrow we will be here again hand in hand, feet of roots next to each other intertwined in the dance that knows who gets drunk with love every moment and it is always news to tell to posterity.





You Are


You are the music that accompanies every moment of the day, everything I do is accompanied by a wonderful thought of you.

While I cook I think I would like you to taste how good the food prepared with love is ...

When I dedicate myself to any activity you, you are always by my side and I say my love how much I love you and how my life has changed since the day we met ...

I don't feel like talking to anyone else and it bothers me who has attentions towards me ...

I am shy and the priority above all is you. If there was a meter or other means to measure the amount of love I would be happy to let you know that it is the maximum of the good I want you.

Then I hold myself in your arms and cuddle me with your caresses and protect your body by warming every inch of skin where you paint the words of a magical love.

I like to mirror myself in your eyes where in the depth our simple souls meet, who have recognized each other and in the constant craving they know they will never leave.



ELISA MASCIA.: Born in Santa Croce di Magliano (Cb), on 13/04/1956, she lives and works in San Giuliano di Puglia (Cb). Retired teacher. Writing is a real need for life and draws inspiration from anything or any surrounding event. He has participated in various national and international poetry competitions obtaining awards, certificates of participation, merit and honorable mentions. He receives invitations and convocations to multiple international and world events, commemorative and themed events in which he participates. In July 2019 the first collection of unpublished poems was published in a book entitled "The Grater of the Moon" by the publisher L'inedito Letterario with the editorial by Fabio Martini. He participated in IX of the XXXIV editions of the Histonium Prize, in 2019 with the Silloge of 10 unpublished poems inspired by 10 paintings by the great artist and poet Erminio Girardo n. on 12-7-1924 in Milan passed away on 14-2-2019 who had the role of master, marking a decisive turning point in the activity of writer and with gratitude he remembers it by dedicating the aforementioned Award for Silloge Dreams Paintings published in December 2019. Since 10 May 2019 he has written poems in the Opa International group in Anthology, participated in the Spirit of Nature event with 5 poems included in the anthology 2019 and almost every month in the Archive of poems with 3 poems and biography. He translated some poems of the poet NilavroNill Shoovro from English into Italian. The book of poems Savage Wind of the original in English by the poet Asoke Kumar Mitra was translated and edited by Elisa Mascia with the presentation in Bonefro, Italy. Since February 15, 2020 she is registered with Wiki Poesia. From the beginning of 2020 she was first a collaborator in Krysol online radio directed by Manuel Antonio Rodriguez Retamal, Maktub Azur palabras de amor y vida, now co-host of the En Alas del Fénix program together with the poet - artist Mariela Porras Santana.


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