Sunday, November 1, 2020







The candles since childhood remind me the Holy Fire.

When the innocent gaze captured every energetic element of the Creator.

When thought created fairy tales with knights and queens under a summer and starry sky.

When our desires identified with the wide smile of our friends of the heart.

Then suddenly we grew up

And yet we did not drown out that laugh that revived our existence

We learned to diffuse it so we could move on.

We are now looking for it in the sad faces that testify the pain

on Sundays and holidays that are no longer for us

to the artificial happiness they stole from us.

Now candlelight is the hope that we all desire and look forward to

although flickering in the first autumn breeze ...







“You thought you would detect my seabed

and you drowned in the shallow water ...”


“Passion: the eternal firmament of the earth”


“To speak when others are silent and to listen when others speak ...”



“Imagine in abundance

Live with intensity

Crown the moment with duration and ethos”


“The beats of life are short, do not consume them unnecessarily “


“The vision of youth is elusive

short-sighted the vigor of souls”







Explore with a vision coveted horizons ...


The wind of love rises

tornado of rage demolishes.



The mind grows when it mobilizes creatively

torture when used ineffectively.


Ethos means humanity and humility

hatred spread discord and injustice!



Easy thing to deal with the others,

difficult with yourself.



Do not try to look like anyone,

you are special!




SOFIA SKLEIDA was born in Athens. She is graduate of the Faculty of Filology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.  She has a MA in Pedagogy , a PhD in Comparative Pedagogy and she is also a postdoctoral candidate (Faculty of Theology, University of Athens). He has attended a number of training courses in special education and teaching, and especially in the teaching of literarure. He has also been trained and certified in the Braille by the Center for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind. Her scientific interests involve Teaching, School Psychology, Special Education, Ancient and New Greek Literature. She has worked as a translator in the Greek Embassy in Italy. In the Greek Community of Rome and in other institutions she taught the Greek language in adults as a foreign language. She taught also the Italian language in private institutions and the Greek language in the Italian School of Athens the last years. She has taught the lesson of Judicial Psychology-Psychiatry in the Faculty of Police Officers. She publishes articles in the Greek and international scientific journals, in conference papers and chapters books. She has been awarded for her participation in poetry and literary competitions in Greece and abroad. She has been elected and distinguished as ambassadress of Culture for Greece by the International and Cultural Organization Universum Academy Switzerland (May 2016- December 2018, Lugano, Switzerland). She is a member of the International Literary Organization Poets of the World, member of the International Literature Competition Universum, member of the Jury at the annual Literature Contest for the poetry and short story of the Cultural Association “Oikopolis” and also a member of the jury of the 1st Panhellenic Literary Competition of Prose,  "Kefalos" and also a member of the cultural and social organization named “Amphictyony of Ellenism” based in Thessaloniki. Her poems have been translated into Italian, English, Spanish, Albanian and Romanian. She published her first collection of pοetry (Thessaloniki, 2014) entitled Dream of Oasis, which has been translated and published in Italy in 2017 (won the second prize in a international competition in Milan). A poem of the same collection became a song.  Her first Fairy tale entitled Geometrini published in 2016 and her second fairy tale entitled The Kingdom of Joy was published in 2018.Recently were published her second and third collection of poetry entitled Neologisms and Melismos respectively. She is currently publishing four books titled Ιn the Mediterranean, Poetic Reflections, Cappadocian theological references in handwritten verses, The teaching of classical languages in the Italian secondary education and Poetic visions in Paintings. Under publication in Italy her book entitled Didactic Trilogy: Body-Spirit-Soul, Educational Proposals. She is a regular member at the Panhellenic Union of Writers.


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