Sunday, November 1, 2020





The Blinds Know The Sky


The blinds know the sky

they often have an idea

of rainbows

Most of all they are expert in immense space

They wonder in the dark deserts during the day


You need imagination

to believe in roses

you need experiences

to sift appearance from reality


Sometimes a young blind person

comes back an old blind person

but I’ve seen blind people who’ve seen the blind

who’ve seen blind people

who saw themselves in a mirror.



How To Spell “Auschwitz”


After the film about Anne Frank the kids

ask me how to spell “Auschwitz”

a single question

aseptic and orthographic

that does not disturb me

they do not ask me

how many people

were shoved into each car

if hate comes from the mind or the heart

or because they switched your name

with a number from a license plate

like you were a off-road vehicle


In any case I have been to Auschwitz

There was a wurstel stand at the entrance.

My question

that which naturally arose in me

was how one can sink teeth into meat

in such a place.

Meanwhile people took scattershot photos inside

Some would even pose or smile


I look at the schoolboys

who watched the movie

Despite the images

of blood and dust

they do not have any other questions

A such as in Ancona I say

U such as in Udine

S such as in Savona

H such as in hotel

W such as in Washington

I such as in Imola

T such as in Torino

Z such as in Zorro.





I Made A Date With You


I made a date with you without telling you

I have been here waiting for so long

because I know that you won’t come

but I am not sure when



SIMONE CONSORTI was born in 1973 in Rome, where he teachs in a Secondary school. His debut book is “L’uomo che scrive sull’acqua ‘aiuto’ (Linus prize, 1999). He published the novels “Sterile come il tuo amore”(2008, adapted for theatre in 2009), “In fuga dalla scuola e verso il mondo”(2009), “Da questa parte della morte” (2012), “La pioggia a Cracovia”(2018). His piéce “Berlin kaputt mundi” was performed in 2018 in Rome. He is a street photographer and arranged many exhibitions in Italy and in Russia

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