Sunday, November 1, 2020







If you ever leave me,

Just think or desire once,

I'm on your chest,

Let the leeches touch another's hand

Else they will suck you all blood

Think! If only you leave me,

Build a bridge

On dangerous waters,

And dam someone else's hand.


You ever admit to yourself,


Peel the skin off,

It smells like your bloodstream,

My wound,

A flower without the sun

That does not open.


To whom should I tell,

And where I should escape?

Rest my head in middle of the chest,

Wherefrom he sighs,

If ever you forget I shall get choked.




My Eyes


Don't look in me!

A hidden cuckoo's nest

Nor the rock under which

Poisonous snakes have curled up...

Spider webs in my soul,

I don’t weave my own thoughts.


There is none in me, weapons of the killer

No arrow dipped in poison,

So you are looking in vain!

All that I am, am in my clear.


You peep into my eyes with yours,

No hiding place there is,

They are transparent green,

Unfathomably deep,

Look into them with your eyes,

They are the bottom of my soul,

You can see everything there,

None else is there, but only you.




A Blue Rose


Give me a sign,

Somewhere on the blue star,

It smells like my blue rose

Blue is my look,

From the sky I'm looking for you,

I wither helplessly, let me touch you,

I sense the day of our meeting approaches,

I think I shall tell you everything

My traitor-joys have escaped,

But I can't tell you now,

The sky is so far away, the stars blink louder,

Then transform yourself into a smiling cloud,

To make yourself known, throw




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