Sunday, November 1, 2020





Dreams Of A Bride


With sparkling stars in her eyes

She is dreaming of her new life

With the man of her dreams

She has been dressed in the

Most beautiful clothes and

Jewels to match

With a pair of white stilettos

Hair adorned with jasmine and rose

She sits quietly with her mind

Wandering to the beautiful house

Where his parents and siblings

Treat her like a queen

She doesn't need anything special

Her mind says

I want only a truthful husband

Where everything is transparent

Between the two of us

With all these thoughts

She steps in to the pandal all lighted up

With hopes and aspirations

Of a beautiful life ahead

They walk around the holy fire

Seven times and he try

The sacred yellow thread around her Slender neck!

These thoughts bring her to

Ecstasy of her married life!

She wakes up from her dream suddenly

and kneels and pray her dream comes true!


Sarala Balachandran




World Literacy Day !!


Can we really celebrate this occasion when we see so many children are unable to go to school and study like the other children?

They are instead carrying heavy loads on their tender heads, hearing words from their masters, and sometimes a belting, all to feed their parents and little siblings!

It's high time the nation moved in the direction of educating the poor and underprivileged who cannot afford to pay any school fee!

Plea to the government is to open

Schools for the poor and needy

Providing books and uniforms free of cost and nourishing mid-day meal for them as their undernourished brain has to work well to absorb what has been taught in the class and achieve a degree in future to hold a job and live with integrity!

If nothing is done towards educating these children they are going to end up with severe illness of their tender nerves and ultimate cause is death at young age all because of negligence by the government and the so-called elites who do not want to open their eyes to

this traumatic situation instead spending their money on wine, woman and luxurious living!

These children, out of hunger pangs,

are forced to eat from the vats the wasted and rotten food with cats and dogs!

Come on brethren! let us put our foot forward to save the situation

and help in our own little way to provide education for the poor who have brains but no means!

I dont want to mention here the good and noble work done by some schools and professors who need to be saluted for their untiring effort for this noble cause!


Sarala Balachandran




Our Love Will Remain ..


When i fell in love with you i knew you were poor and living in a broken-down house

It didn’t matter to me at all

What mattered was your

Kind and gentlemanly ways

I decided to move in with you for our love's sake

We have bread and tea

Most of the days

It never bothered us

It was our love

Which bind our lives

We are happy living

In this house

With no complaint

Just true love

Kept us going

Let this love never die

Even when tsunami strikes and we get separated by earthquakes

We will always be in love without seeing each other

Till the world lasts!

The sun may not shine

The moon may wane

But our love will

Always remain

So sweet and sublime




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