Sunday, November 1, 2020







He wore and kept Paris

in the inside pocket of his coat

He poured a liter of French perfume

instead of a vine


He gave me a brooch

in the shape of the Eiffel tower

instead of a ring

That no one would suspect

that no one would know


I was standing on a cliff,

drinking goodness from his hand

I’m not the one who knows

how to give and receive love


I was selfishly guarded

caramelized words

I gave honey kisses sparingly

My hands were ready to hug,

but to stay chaste


You took the Paris

in the shape of perfume with you

This poem remains as a witness

There is no doubt

there is no secret

there is no us







Stolen cherries

I’m going away

to find them


The Sun was born

cherries were stolen




The Sun


Stolen Sun

I’m going away

to find it


The Cherries bore fruits

They have stolen the Sun




DESANKA RISTIĆ was born in Kikinda, in 1965. She graduated at the Pedagogical Faculty in Sombor. She is working in Primary school “Vuk Karadžić” as a class teacher. She is married and has three children: Tamara, Tijana and Mihailo. Until now, she published books of poetry “Dok ja tako hoću” (While I desire), National Library “Jovan Popović” Kikinda 1998, “Ozarja”, Banar Culture Center 2009, “Nišča”, Banat Culture Center 2014, and “Žurim ti” (In a hurry for you), Dositej Gornji Milanovac, 2017. Her poetry is also published in various collections of poetry, also her poems and stories are published in magazines. She actively participates in an Orthodox evening at the monastery of the Holy Trinity, City Library, Gerontological Center, also at many literary manifestations and Book fairs in Novi Sad and Belgrade.

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