Sunday, November 1, 2020





Today I Only Want


Today I only want

To see the sea

Feel the tide wet my feet

Breezes on my face cherish

Hair in the wind, flapping

Today I only want

Sailing on the high seas

Contemplate the sunrise and sunset

See the big moon, sunrise on the horizon

If bathing in its golden light

Today I only want

See universes and make verses

In the night of stars

Distill secrets

Today I only want

Feel the aroma of the sea air

Filling my lungs with life

Rest, sing, dance, smile

Because life is summed up:

In longer time

In more laughter

In more hugs

In more, peace and love.





Song Of New Moon


Tonight most beautiful

I will sit here

reading the infinite sea

on the missing marks in the sand

hearing noise outside the sea,

harvesting in this lyrical orchard of stars

a distracted and vague look in the infinite.

I'll dress my eyes calm

on the calm moon, sweet serene

joining the bohemian,

drinking in the mornings

the refreshment of the gentle breeze

in the new moon song.





Ah The Sea ...


Adão Wons

Let me take

through the mists of your dreams

the endless beaches

where do you sea kiss the moon

Where stars are born

In endless horizons

On a long full night.


Ah sea ...

Let me take

In long Mirages

In sleepy waves

And loud silences



Ah sea ...

Let me take you

Even the song of the rough sea

Where you can see the chasms

Where should I go

And reach the infinite of lulls

Just after sunrise.




ADÃO WONS - He is a native of the city of Cotiporã - Brazil, Poet, Writer, Author of the book Transparências - Evidências da vida e alma, released in numerous book fairs in the state of RS. His poetry translated into several languages crosses the world in literary newspapers and anthologies, internationally awarded in contests, he was honored Author of the Cotiporã Book Fair in 2013, and in 2017 he was Patron of the Cotiporã Book Fair. Immortal of the Academy of Letters of Brazil. Member of the IWA - International Writers & Artists Association - USA, Member of the Universum Academy Switzerland - Switzerland. Academic at the Accademia Internazionale Il Convivio in Italy, Universal Ambassador of Peace for the Cercle Universel des Ambassadeurs de La Paz - Switzerland / France, Member of the Poetas del Mundo movement - Santiago / Chile. Member of the Unión Hispanomundial de Escritores. HPP - Lima / Peru. Sociedad Venezolana de Arte Internacional - Caracas / Venezuela. Academic President and Cultural Delegate in Brazil of the Accademia Internazionale Arte e Cultura by Belle Arti, Lettere and Scienze Michelangelo Angrisani - Italy. Effective member of the Parthenon Literary -RS. Honorary member of Maison Naaman pour la Cultura do Lebanon. Partner and representative in Brazil of SADE - Argentine Society of Writers - Italy, among others. Email:

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  1. Reading your poetry has always been a source of motivation and joy.

    R K Singh