Sunday, November 1, 2020





A Mermaid Waits ...


An inlayed pendant

Unfolds the memories of a  voyage

Picture of her beloved prince

shinning in her cleavage.


Feeling of longing and sadness

hidden in tears, that her heart has to say.

Moving eyes write verses

Tears wash out words from them


A web of love she weaves

to trap her dreams in drops of rain.

In   deep   ocean, a mermaid dwell

Desperate passions surface well


To   reveal   hidden   treasure of love

she has drawn to the water edge.

Singing   joyous   on   the shore

With   waves   her voice turns melodious


Her joys know no bounds

when water swirls around

Ocean   fills   with wave   millions

Her heart swells with love impressions


O! Prince!

Prince of distant land

Stretch your arms, she may fade

Adore her, as the mountains to high heaven


Make her immortal with a kiss

Removing the vale of mists

Before storm sweeps her forever

Like waves you clasp one another.

@ Rajashree Mohapatra






Lives entombed

in the field of death

in furnace of grave.


Who knows

How many heads have fallen in previous nights

How many rivers are filled with blood in fierce fights

The land and the sea devouring human lives.


Lives flushed with youth

glowing with hope turn to ashes.

A jetliner full of civilians

turns to a guided missile.

Nuclear, chemical, biological

weapons are product of science.

The fanatic and misguided sections

are with dark side

annihilating precious and innocent lives .


We have seen,

Gas chambers built by engineers

Infants poisoned by doctors

Life was a toy in hands of educated maniacs.


We hear in silence prayers of prostrated lives

Our planet wishes to nurture life

Why can't we have a common goal!

A goal to unite hearts as love is above all.

Rajashree Mohapatra




Ego - Ridden


Stung incessantly by my pompous pride

I go beserk,

my ego-ridden body dimmed...


I have deprived myself of your proximity, lost your intimate contact.


I have set my feet

now on a craggy path,

splattered with blood not lacquer red


... my body sluggish

my emotions spent.

In the haze I can still see

your arms spread wide,

can hear your

honey-sweet call to lean

on broad shoulder and swoon!




RAJASHREE MOHAPATRA is a poet in Odia and English. Her poems are translated into many national and international languages. She has co-authored two poetry books: 'MIRAGE’ and 'SEEKER ‘. She is a senator, elected to World Union of Poets and an active member of Unamos al Mundo con la Poesia, Mexico . She devotes her time in painting. Being a Diploma in Fine Arts, she has deeply studied the traditional paintings as a source of history.



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