Sunday, November 1, 2020






When You Go


When you go the wreck

from the bottom ..

all the girls are dark ...

and at the top she is all white ..

e that took my mind ..


I was awakened by the smell coming from her

I smelled the love of Trebinje this morning


I loved the streets she walked

the place where she was sitting ..

I looked at her in a nicer way

from her mirror ....


She taught me that some closenesses stay close 

even when they are somewhere very far away ...

My destiny is she and my someone ...


There under the lashes, in the trembling of the body, all dreamy,

the girl fell asleep, a woman woke up.

With me, everything is still budding

nothing fades ...


I hear an echo in my soul ... a struggle of desire and smell ...

I whisper thoughts that your wishes still smell like me ...


I always pray for her ..

and every prayer of mine is dedicated to her ..

that she is always happy and healthy

and I would take another walk through the bazaar






Senada's Song


Everyone has someone

that loves him in a dream,

as I love you ..

Everyone has someone

which loses him in his sleep

then there is nothing ..

I'm still waiting for a little luck

the burden of pain, life turns

I wait for the morning sleepy, fragrant

together we go to the end

such is our destiny ..

And when you come to me

so you pass through our city

when they see us together

everyone will envy ..

He won't talk about everything

that you are my imagination ..

than my greatest love ..

You gave me your heart

when you were very young

My heart belongs to you ..

I will not hide my love

I want to grow old with you

only you are my destiny ....







Eh, I'm going to Ducic's

at the park, at those two lions ..

So he asks me what you're going to do here, kid

I'm in the park, and where is she?

your little blue ...

What can I tell him you're far away

across the blue sea ....

and that many days will pass,

until you reach our Trebinje ...

I just said ..

When Jesenjin hurts

and next year Lilac smells ..

my dear will come

stop waiting more ,,

I turn and cross the street

when Njegos is waiting for me there

looks over ..

What's small, you're alone again

don't worry it will come

it will dawn that day too ..

While the plane trees rustle

and move their branches

She will come and stop

on your left ...




ZORAN RADOSAVLJEVIĆ was born in Trebinje on September 25, 1961. A child of a mixed marriage, from a Serb father and a Muslim mother. He wrote from an early age, he did not publish everything until recently. He was the editor of the newspaper Jedinstvo from Smed Palanka for a while. publishes the first book "Footprints" which he dedicates to her. He publishes a collection of poems "Dreaming", and the novel "Stumbling about his own life" After some time he publishes a collection The last book is a poem dedicated to his great love Senada "Trebinje still smells like her". He is a participant in many festivals, was a participant in the Sarajevo Winter Festival last year and won the Silver Snowflake Award of the City of Sarajevo. with the poem "Trebinje still smells like her" ..

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