Sunday, November 1, 2020






In Life Everything Is Possible


in life everything is possible

of gray hours

while I was cuddling my shadow

love shook me out

filling the heart

with all shades of feelings


it is so beautiful to love

when the passion is flowing

like a turbulent stream


I lived swayed by your breath

dressed in rainbow and whisper of the wind

I painted with poetry

each smile

gentle touch

tender word spoken


I have written love with a whispered poem

on the staff of feelings

to be able to open it with a treble clef

on sleepless nights




How To Satisfy The Desire For Love


how to satisfy the desire for love

on the hot sand

desires are born


the wind overwhelms with the scent of the sea

and wistful music

they can make your head spin


I am passionately looking at the navy-blue sky

I can see the lured stars

looking at each themselves in the water


I'd like to be one of them





Only Being Together

Gives Meaning To Life


only being together gives meaning to life

if she could draw

she would sketch his passionate lips

and the hair blown by the wind


for the first time in her life

she felt so fulfilled

only why did she run away


now full of longing

she is looking in the mirror

she doesn't feel like washing off

the scent of cedar

mixed with vanilla

which gave her a thrill of desire


or maybe he was just in her dreams





ALINA ANNA KUBERSKA was born in Aleksandrów Łódzki. She has been living in Łódź most of her life. She writes because poetry is her passion and communing with it gives her the strength to survive. She has published six books of verse, short stories and two novels. You can find her poems in dozens of anthologies and many quarterly magazines. She is a vice-president of the Association of Polish Authors, at a Warsaw branch. For five years she ran an international poetry portal. She presented her poetry not only in Poland, but also abroad. London, Birmingham and Vilnius are only some of many cities she has visited. Her motto is:  Art does not demand a sacrifice of life - you must love what you do, but you must not let others enslave you.

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