Sunday, November 1, 2020





The Moon Windows!


I look at the moon when the windows of my heart open

Guide for thousands of people like me!

It is you who turn hearts and strength into stones

They turn the stone into statues in the sky with paintings


I speak every night like the waves of the sea

I am before you, I tell you, the path shines and I do not die

Quiet on the rock I sit in the sounds

Tell us any troubles and worries together, tell me


How much I have today to show I say

You empty here in front of you and do not judge me

You take out my mother's and my goods

There on her lap I showed every sorrow and joy


So you see my henna where I am sitting

On a mountain stone with a heart like a rock

To enter your heart surrounded by a frame

Give me strength today to have you every day


Sleep overwhelmed me tonight

How much I wanted today! I came to stay close to you

Be near the friend under your light

My moon, on the galaxy of stars we sit


Ah my bride as a bride you made me tonight

Ske boredom at all, light shines upon my soul

In you I take the motive, the song your power

Like the air of the sea mountain you have your face tonight,

Copyright @Liljana Gega





Kiss On The Front!


The kiss on my forehead is my joy

 Breathe besedat flight wings

 Between the two eyes gets the adrenaline

 Suddenly winning happiness in serenity


 We throw the same two steps together

 Cold sweat with tight hands

 It is not love at first sight

 With forgotten pain in remembered youth


 The youth that never inquires between rolled words

 In the heart where white love is born

 The vibrations that accompany the bright stars

 A golden star shines above the forehead


 A kiss on the lips over the forehead

 Feelings like rose petals spread

 He collects all the kisses with kidnapping

 You look like a rare princess


 How many times do we face kisses slowly

 Whispers in the ear like a magician

 A divine kiss like a rare moon

 That only princesses kiss on the forehead


 Peaceful love except the gods express

 Beautiful Henez when she shines

 Full of light both receive like stars above the clouds

 A smile caught on the forehead kiss

Copyright @Liljana Gega





With You


You grew up in a family, you look like you grew up in peace,

 Clean without problems and intrigue,

 The time is coming, the day is the moment

 when for a moment or a moment

 You grew up to be two,

 When you think that only family is your support ,,

 But no!

 We become two when we fall in love to start a family,

 Two strangers,

 They become more famous in their lives

 Separating from that warm and sweet family nest

 To build a new family ,,

 Every step that comes and develops, is emancipated, we understand

 That generations are inherited ,,

 It is interesting in life ,,

 When two people get together,

 To continue life,

 Like our parents ,,

 We are two, we are together

 Like heaven and earth ,,

 On a difficult road ,,

 And in many obstacles, you know about life ,,

 Together in rhythm in difficulties and in this world with hope ,,,


 Copyright @Liljana Gega




Covidi With Figures (666) Devil


 Assembly of the corona virus

 Death by pleasing them with its flute

 Death and 7 deadly sins

 Without body soul! The best day of April


  Do not ask who the bone is for

 Yes!  person 666 who distributes poison

 Causes failure of many organs

 On chemical reaction tissue damage


 The devil is inside everything

 I do not feel like I belong to any country

 Numbness covering the paralyzed body

 A ballad and screams that were in agony


 Drawn in red cloak

 Verdall start to go down in dimensions

 This ominous unit got closer and closer

 Precisely through his unexpected courage


 Horror speaks its sinful word

 I gained his experience because he was afraid to sleep

 After his manifestation of graphic study

 The devil remained the killer in unresolved cases


 Lying in this happy world

 I feel numbness covering my body

 It was a ballad where the bones of the melody held

 Kovidi carried the code number (666) devil

 Copyright-Liljana Gega




I Fly With The Seagulls


 Open my wings my seagulls fly

 I became a bird with them to fly

 And if I had thought before,

 In their joy dancing I remained


 On the seashore together they flew

 Oh how many seagulls in number

 In their song I woke up spring

 They gave me unconditional happiness, full of souls


 I forgot my land that walked every day

 I forgot my worries and tears for a moment

 The self fled up there in peace of wings

 White feathers in the Sahara air


 Ah!  As if I did not return to the dew

 But I prayed to the birds in exile

 Do people all over the world have remorse?

 Where they went wrong if they had salvation


 It brings peace to bring whiteness as its own

 Everywhere they go they sing the song

 And I greedy like them distribute peace

 People around the world, peace!  turn it into robots

Copyright @Liljana Gega



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