Sunday, November 1, 2020





Three Minutes Of Air


The whole world is waiting for my word

I ask Allah to broadcast.

Three more minutes to speak

For people yearn for a heartfelt word.

The world lacks a sincere word

People are tired of cruel words.

People need sincere words

That run the hearts

Like the motors of different cars

They need them like gasoline.

To move on along the path

So that their motor works without error.

They need the sweetest words

That will touch the wires of the heart.

I want to fuel your hearts

Made from the oil of love

Just open your hearts

And I will fill you with the energy of love.

Well, light up your hearts

And good luck.




Conversation With The Heart


What happened to you, my heart,

Where are the feelings of youth?

Maybe you're bored with love,

Sleeping while intoxicated.

If you don't like it, hate it, but

Just choose not to live without it.

Let's not be upset,

They will be expelled from their homeland.

I wish you all the best,

Why are you so careless today?

Oh, the nights of torture,

The first is the last love.

If you torture me like that,

I'll shoot, my heart, you ...





You saw your father pulling,

As usual, it was a mystery again.

Why can't you hold on tight?

It's as if there's no end in sight.

You saw your mother pulling away,

Barefoot - head to toe,

You did not embrace kindness,

It's as if the meeting is over.






My Dreams


My mind wanders in the rain,

Thinking about the sun.

It flies away, sometimes warms up,

Talk about coming back from home.

My mind wanders in the rain,

I'll fly home again,

Parents hugged, kissed,

Reach out to my tea.

I slept in the rain,

Enthusiastic about my months.





You Are Still A Child


An ignorant old man rebukes me,

Breastfeeding is the wrong way to stand.

The old man kept on humiliating

I listened to him and nodded.

I said, “Anyway, five or ten shirts,

I tore more than you, brother.

One wants to see more in the world,

God has given me seventy! ”

I like this old man

How can I not listen to the agitation?

There is a soul in this elder’s words,

After all, his age is equal to a white beard! …

Then it became clear to us,

An old woman from somewhere.

Was it obvious then?

He called the old man, “I will be,” after all!

I understand that this old rich grandmother,

She is the mother of that father!

But the old man who puts me down is wise.

She was the child of that mother!

Then I returned it inside,

The old man’s advice to himself.

I looked at his beard and said quietly,

I told one by one to the thoughtful eye.

Forgive me, sorry, father,

It’s true that you tore more shirts than me!

You’ve seen a lot, I can’t deny,

But these are not enough for me.

Because you are still in this world,

You didn’t cry “Mother”.

So you, Father, are before me

You have a white beard…

I’m sorry I didn’t say that,

Long live mothers, old mothers!

May you live long and prosper!

May there be many old children in the world!








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