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Who knows if you hear this murmur

That moves the stars and the seas

And mitigate the doors of time,

That greedy and ruthless

Thickens the black and silver of the world.


Who knows if you listen to the fertile song of the Universe

When it opens its forces

And let the beauty of dawn in bloom breathe

And generate naked and carefree love

Of ravenous sparrows and delirious lovers.


Who Knows if all this is a dream

Or if it's life calling you by your name,

Resounding its echo

In the fugitive and sylvan air,

Crossing rivers and seasons,

Molding wine and blood

In the evanescence of a light

That becomes dance and sound

And becomes body and face.


It is the origin; it is life.

It is you.

Translated into English by Elisabetta Bagli




The Ships Of Hope


They are the ships of hope

those that sail the seas

in the lingering gloom

to who desperately believes in the sun,

while the bare wind

will surprise him at night,

when the mirrors of the earth

will extinguish forever

the luminous longings of the moon.

They sell everything

to ruthless executioners,

to the dirty owners

of their destinations.

Like the flock of cattle

in transhumance,

they cross the waters

with signs of torture

in the arms, in the head;

the fresh scars on the abdomen

of the violence suffered in the fields,

of bitter and cruel sex

inflicted as daily bread

to the weak one who has swallowed

tatters of fur in search

of his deep sleep

on the floating and broken wood

that they will not touch often.

Few will come alive,

many will get their hands dirty with blood.

Translated into English by Elisabetta Bagli





Dressed In The Colours Of The Night


I have dreamed

To be walking in the sun

Dressed in light,

but upon awakening

I have found myself

dressed in the colours of the night,

with my true wealth:

the veil of silence.

I wore it happily

even when you wrapped me up

with tape

not to let me breathe,

move, speak, understand.

You denigrated me,

Debased me, humiliated me,

you demolished my securities,

annihilated my nature,

without ever getting your hands dirty.

Nothing is eternal!

Now my eyes know,

now I know that with my arms

I can fly, too!

Translated into English by Elisabetta Bagli




Cupid And Psyche


Our marble bodies

Sway softly

While your hands

On my bosom gait solemnly.


Lift my head,

Bring it closer to your face.

You want that kiss that only you,

Cupid with feathered wings,

Can tear off

My breathless soul.


Fire alive in the marble,

We burn

Before the admiring gaze

Of the world.

Translated into English by Elisabetta Bagli







Over the horizon,

Beyond the saline smell

Hidden in your bososm,

Between impervious waves and rocks;



Beyond the roots,

Beyond the hanging fronds,

Among the greedy flora

Of garlands in bloom;



Beyond words,

Beyond the world in flames,

In the sweet firmament,

Shiny and everlasting


It's you, woman,

Girl, lover and mother,

You are the indefatigable one

Loosen the chains

With your silent and true song,

Soothe torments and memories

With your dewy lips

And silk hands,

You are the one who gives your last will

To the world.

Translated into English by Elisabetta Bagli




ELISABETTA BAGLI was born in Rome (Italy) and she has lived in Madrid (Spain) since 2002. She has a degree in Economics and Business from La Sapienza in Rome. She is a writer of poetry, short stories and essays and she is also a translator and interpreter of Spanish. Some of her poems and writings have been translated into thirteen languages. She is the author of several poetry books, a compilation of stories, a children’s book, and articles and essays for newspapers and digital magazines around the world. Operating in more than a hundred national and international anthologies, she is the President and a Former member of the Jury in many national and international literary prizes. She is the National Secretary for Spain of the AIM (Association for Italy in the World) based in Rome (Italy), an association that has a wide distribution in more than fifty countries. She is a correspondent in Spain for Radio ICN NY, the radio station for Italians in New York (USA). She is the correspondent of the World Festival of Poetry in Spain. She is the correspondent in Spain for the Poetry Sound Library and the Voices of the Trees, projects conceived in London (UK) by the artist Giovanna Iorio and disseminated all over the world. She has been an Honorary Member of NGO THRibune, Tribune for Human Rights since December 2019, based in Madrid (Spain), organization which she collaborates with. She is an Honorary Member of the International University of Peace, based in Lugano (Switzerland). She is an Honorary Member of the Cultural Association L’Oceano nell’Anima, based in Bari (Italy). Since October 31st, 2016, she has been an Academic at the Accademia Internazionale Il Convivio in Castiglione di Sicilia (Italy). She has collaborated with the Com.It.Es in the Italian Consular Network of Madrid (Spain) and with the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Madrid (Spain) for the organization of cultural events. She has collaborated with the Esther Koplowitz Foundation, based in Madrid (Spain). She has received many prestigious awards, including the Mayte Spínola Diploma of Honor for artistic merit from the Pro Arte y Cultura group in 2017 (Spain), the Distinction for Outstanding Woman in culture, 2019 awarded by the Latin American Women’s Forum, Mar del Plata (Argentina), the Italian Award for Culture 2019 awarded by the Italian Ambassador Stefano Sannino in Madrid (Spain), Najiman Prize in Lebanon on July 2020 and many others prizes in Italy, in Spain and all over the world for cultural merits.

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