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At present we are living in a dangerous time. If you open up your eyes and put your ears to the ground, you can feel the pain of the time. Yes, people are suffering everywhere. Yes, too many people are also enjoying their life according to their personal dreams and individual or even collective whims. If we widen up our senses, we can understand the disparities between these two extremes. The number of peoples, those who are not living well is much greater than the ones who are really having a merry time. Even if we do consider the quality of life, the disparity between these two extremes is astronomically high. But why? Why should the largest number of peoples have to suffer enormously? This is the ultimate question humanity should have to answer.

How can we continue with our literary work? 2020 has pushed us beyond our wildest nightmare. It is sheer chaos everywhere. Millions of people have lost their jobs and earnings. A handful of selected elites are increasing their personal wealth and becoming new billionaires. Leaders in power are consolidating their strength. Voice of dissidents are being targeted labeling anti national conspirators. Countries are engaging into military wars and battels along the borders. Men and women do not know what to do. Where to turn around for shelter and survival. Is this any time for us to write down poems? Is this? Aren't we all in a state of confusion right now?

At the time of writing this editorial, the total Covid-19 infection has risen to 41,486,432 and total deaths up to 1,136,335 around the world.

In America, lawyers appointed by a federal judge to identify migrant families who were separated by the Trump administration say that they have yet to track down the parents of 545 children and that about two-thirds of those parents were deported to Central America without their children, according to a filing Tuesday from the American Civil Liberties Union. The Trump administration instituted a "zero tolerance" policy in 2018 that separated migrant children and parents at the southern U.S. border. The administration later confirmed that it had actually begun separating families in 2017 along some parts of the border under a pilot program. Now what will be the future of these children separated from their parents? And separated by whom?  None other than the great super power of this world United States of America who is the self-proclaimed custodian of human rights around the world.

On September 27, a new regional war in South Caucasus arose from the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over the contested Nagorno-Karabakh region. Civilians as well as soldiers are also dying every day. What sort of world we have created? In Indian subcontinent war between India and Pakistan or India and China can be an everyday reality in near future. Political activities are gearing up aiming war conflicts between regional powers. So, we the people remain in constant risk of war and regional conflicts.

Now how can one concentrate his or her mind to work on poetry in this disturbing time of pandemic and regional conflicts and wars between neighboring countries. With sufferings and deaths everywhere either due to the pandemic or war, we the people without power remain just helpless and at risk of destruction. Either economically or physically. If we start to ponder over all these, if all these background noises keep on disturbing our sensibility, in a constant manner; how can we maintain our sanity to keep us literarily productive? I think this is a vital question of this present time. If we can keep us insulated from these ground realities of everyday disturbances, and go on with our usual literary activities, we may live in pseudo peace. But our literature will remain void of substance. So therefore, we have to maintain a balance in between. To keep our sanity and to synchronize our poetry or all the literary creativities with our time. Yes, I know it very well, it is easier to preach than to practice. Still we have to evaluate our position in this tumultuous era of our time and form our own languages accordingly with pure honesty. Otherwise all our literary activities will end up in a wastage of time.

COVID-19 is a wake-up call for human civilization. We have to rethink about the present world order of political structure and economic imperialism. We have to cross-check the pros and cons of the hegemony of one superpower. We have to reconsider the world trend of military spending. At this point, let’s not deny the fact that we are spending the lion share of our G.D.P in our defense budget. This is the ongoing norm around the world. Even in the foremost countries of the first world economy, the states are channeling more expenditures to build up a robust military power. They are funding more in research and development of deadly military equipment than in the social health care system and education. One may argue that these military arm industries are fueling economic development in many countries. I think it is high time that mankind should accept the fact, that to focus on these military industries more, it has made itself defenseless against natural calamity such as corona pandemic.

If you ask me how should mankind manage itself to overcome these present situations of natural catastrophe, manmade economic collapse, and war burdens everywhere; I’ll strongly suggest that we have to focus on co-operation instead of focusing only on competitions. Competitions among human beings, nations, races, cultures, military forces, business industries, economic models have contributed colossal catastrophe everywhere. Only a world order based on co-operations in-between each factor can save the civilization in a true civilized manner. Not in the uncivilized way of the present world order. With the ultimate goal to acquire more military and economic power to rule the world, we will bring the end of the human civilization. No, the world leaders will not realize this truth. Not only that, they’ll block every road and keep the common people ignorant of these essential truths and fact. So, we the custodians of arts and literature have a huge responsibility upon our shoulders to arouse the human conscience through our creativities so that common people can realize their time in its true essence. Only then our literary works of today will have any truthful meaning.

We, through our continuous endeavor to publish high quality literary works in every issues of Our Poetry Archive, has arranged yet another volume of poetry collection this November. Our readers can enjoy this particular issue also just like the previous numbers as well. With this edition of OPA, we are glad enough to introduce poet EELISABETTA BAGLI of Italy as the poet of the month. Let’s hope our readers will enjoy both her interview and her poems along with the whole issue consisting of more than hundreds of poems of the poets all over the world. So thank you once again and I welcome everyone to this newest issue of OPA.


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    THANK YOU for another excellent EDITORIAL write. And CONGRATS to EELISABETTA BAGLI as poet of the month. CONGRATS also to all contributing poets on this OPA issue.