Sunday, November 1, 2020





When The Word

Becomes A Poem


In the reflection of the shining traces

from the snail of the time

engraved in the relief

of a arable land –

I planted a Word.


Crushed clouds of passions

wave my circle

made of the boundary stones of the view.


In the circle –

conical abyss of feelings,

concentric seed of the genus,

the symbol О...

The circle –



Open-pit mine,

vibrations epicenter,



mantra of holy vividness…


And suddenly the Word grows into a poem –

from the sprouts

rhythmically fused along the multi-veined seams

on the crater of infinity,

strings of acoustic phonemes

overhang like threads from the tendril of the Word

and bloom the windows of my perceives vicinity.






Contrasting Time


The expressed opposite

of the invisible and the striking

strengthens the cohesion

of the dolls and the objects

in the window shop of the neighborhood store,

where from the oldest clock,

instead of a bird,

the dormant continuum

peeks silently and hides away.


The views of the passers-by,

scattered like food scraps

on the table of the day,

strain the heartbeat

ot the confused music box

whose wires rub against the surface

of the displaced symmetry of the longing

that rocks in front of the threshold of the doubt.


Opening the door to the story

I stept out as a collector of the contrasting time

that lives in the living room

of the daily equinox.







We sit in the middle of the room

in a mute circle.

We sit – the night, the loneliness and I.

We sit – I, the loneliness and the night.

We sit deaf in the middle

of the candle cough.

We sit dumb

in the middle of the room in a circle.

I feel a touch so

I hug the candle

building my palms

in wax and tears.






VESNA MUNDISHEVSKA-VELJANOVSKA born in 1973 in Bitola, Macedonia, is a member of the Macedonian Writers' Association, Macedonian Science Society – Bitola (MSS) and Bitola’s Literary Circle. She is the author of 13 books of poetry, one book of critical-essay texts, co-author of a book of poems for children and the author and co-author of 6 vocational books for teachers. Her poetry has been translated into many languages. She is represented in anthologies. She has won numerous poetry awards. She is Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Culture - Literature, Drama, Film and Publishing – “Sovremeni dijalozi”/ "Contemporary Dialogues" (published by MSS), a member of the MSS Editorial Board, and was the editor of the Journal of Literature, Art and Culture “Rast”/ "Growth". She was President of the Literature and Culture Association "Razvitok" - Bitola and of the Literary Youth of Macedonia – Bitola, as well as secretary of the Writers' Association “Bitola’s Literary Circle”. She has become Ambassador of Peace in Cercle Universel Des Ambassadeurs De La Paix - Suisse/France since 2016.


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