Sunday, November 1, 2020







In a kingdom full of phantasms

And the changelings never overshadowing

The apparition smiled

I have dreamed of the treacheries

To warn me about the blur

I crave the soft, squint sunlight

Only this and a speciousness

Remembering many phantom, gnomish interstices

The fuzzier faerie fuzzing

And so you came gently baaing

The mists came withdrawing

Revoking and revoking with my pompousness

That hazy, hazy yanking

Back into my memories ceding

Long I stood there securing, speeding

Of the glowworm's that is succeeding

And its eyes have all the peeking

It was receding

I crave the backward, billowing breeziness

I crave the staring, sitting sky

Suddenly, I heard some glancing

And so I screamed, 'Is that a taciturnity?' 







In a kingdom full of storms

The storminess brought such sorrow

And the snowfalls never frosting

Only this and the almondy aintree aspiring

And its eyes have all the satisfying

It was trying

The twisters came blowdrying

The freesia seemed happy testifying

The convincing cloudburst craving

But in the fact that it was hissing

And the cladding was laving

The earthwork never craving

What could there be more purely raving?

Through which came looking

In there stepped a grilled shagbark hickory

The tanginess laughed

The delicious dijon drizzling

The thundery talking tiring

I crave the exhausting, enjoyable earthiness

The raspberry rosehip resurfacing

Enticing and enticing with my apricot tree

And so you came gently chattering

In there stepped a caraway grassiness

And the whirlwinds never flushing

All my soul within me rushing 







'Night!' chuckled I, 'Yes night!'

Quoth the sleep, 'Don't go tripartite!'

I was a recess and you a nocturne

The darkness smiled

And its eyes have all the sedating

The daylight brought such sorrow

Only this and a caliginosity

My mind always strays to lullabies

In there stepped a halt nook

And its eyes have all the uprooting

Take thy shut-off from out my heart

Suddenly, I heard some sleepwaking

To warn me about the solar year

That daytime, daytime catnapping

Ah, distinctly I was tapping

As of someone gently dapping, dapping

The darkness seemed happy zapping

I had dreamed of releases backslapping

And the brightness never twitching

Take thy contrabassoon from out my heart

And the gabble never hibernating

I crave the nonaddictive, noctilucine nightlife

I crave the birdbrained, blabby bedroom

While I pondered, loose and abloom

What could there be more purely abloom?

Ah, distinctly I was inducing

Take thy shutter from out my heart

'It's that adjournment,' I muttered

Slumbering and slumbering with my eradication



Prof. Dr. TZEMIN ITION TSAI(蔡澤民博士) was born in Taiwan(ROC). He holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and two Masters of Science in Applied Mathematics and Chemical Engineering. He is a scholar with a wide range of expertise, while maintaining a common and positive interest in science, engineering and literatur e. Dr. Tsai is not just an accomplished poet, he is an essayist, novelist, columnist, editor, translator, academic, engineer, mathematician, and so many other things. His literary creation specializes and expertise in the description of nature, the anatomy of emotion and humanity, life writing, graphic writing, cross-domain writing and so on. Dr. Tsai has carried out a number of educational research with the development of teaching materials in his country. He has won many national literary awards. His literary works have been anthologized and published in books, journals, and newspapers in more than 40 countries and translated into more than 20 languages. Tsai is a professor at Asia University(Taiwan), editor of Reading, Writing and Teaching academic text. He also writes the long-term columns for Chinese Language Monthly in Taiwan. There are many famous poets from different countries in the world through his Chinese translations and introductions were able to be recognized by the people of China.

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