Sunday, November 1, 2020





This Poet


This poet


with tongues of fire

his balm of warm air


with flow of blood

caressing vessels and veins


pulsating, yearning, dancing

in ritual of words


in crepuscular glee

his mind scurrying

scribbling patterns

nibbling ink

colour crazy

red, black, blue

with naked hands

hurrying to capture images

fantasy, fiction, real

images scalloped

in a kaleidoscopic world

migrained in

wifi, ipods, cell phones.




Enjoy The World Of Love


प्यार के मजे ले लो दुनिया के मरिहै

pyaar ke maje le lo duniya ke marihai


Where animosity breathes contempt, you

Must take hard look at its cause and effect

Before you let a pot of affront brew,

And for consequences you may regret.


Better to look at the bridge on both ends

Before attempting a roller coaster;

For there are always ups and downs , amends

You should make prior to be a cruiser.


When all fails and you run out of options,

Unlock the Zeus fountain in your heart

And let flow a wisdom of confessions:

That yourself comes first, no matter the start.


Unshackling barriers in your life’s cove

Results in enjoying a world of love.




Everything Is Not What It Seems


Everything is not what it seems

light turns into darkness

and the kaleidoscope disappears

darkness turns into light

and shadows speak of mysteries

fish in a pond

unable to disparage

life in a ceramic pool

with being in a sand-infested river

or in an amorphous, crusty-bottom ocean.

Sometimes this is what happens

a mirage in the mind

evokes intellectual discourses

mystifying truths and lies

which is what and what is which

reality is not sacrosanct

how to define what you see?

The person you see in the mirror

may not be you

and may not be the person

looking in the mirror

all visuals are only reflective

everything is not what it seems.

When I hear your voice

I want to tell who you are

but when you’re among friends

a different vista unfolds.

it’s like not every squeal

tells you a pig ‘s going to the slaughter

it may just be a mating game.

Everything is not what it seems.

When there’s uncertainty

about where you’re going

you’re likely to end up somewhere else

knowing or unknowing

that in this Life

as in all other things said and done

everything is not what it seems.