Sunday, November 1, 2020







I need to give Petals

I need Sharing the nectar

Revolving the Earth


Watering the flowers from our garden.

Last night, A cold wind Witnessed our kisses.

My eyes embraced you and you presented me with Your affection.



Now, I'll give you Palm leaves.

Choosing perfumes, Split incense and Sweet fruits In your mouth.





Musical Love


Changeable sign of your being


Ah, how I want you


And the drawing of love is done

Film' insinuating peace.


In the greater hope


In total life

The road and the dream


Deflecting the tricks

Of things that bring pain.


The world wants little


You know that's all


Want you so much

It's very little

Close to how much I want you.


Your back and your hair are more musical lines


At twelve, thirteen notes, I see

Our souls so equal.







Does poetry come into being or does it just reproduce?


Does she die or just transform?


Heart of Poetry.


Static time poeting ...


Dynamic life of poetic analysis.


In the contradictions, without connection, from sex to angels.


Carlitos music.


Beethoven's strange rhymes.


In childhood, time plays.


The boy, just watches.




ALDO MORAES is a brazilian poetry, journalist and musician. Moraes was diretor geral of culture on Londrina, interior of Brazil. Moraes wrote 7 books and recorded 4 CDs.


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