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My heart weeps in woe…


When I see thee in such mortal blow


Oh!  My father, losing you is an ordeal of the day


How can my bereaved heart forget that arid bay?


Nothing can bloom since the loss of your heart


Momentary consolation is just a social art


Time will heel up one day the wounded bereaved sea


My lonely ship will weep in pain forever without having glee


My mind is haunting you in the corners of our empty room


Nothing but there I find only helpless gloom


Living in isolation I can envision those golden phases


When you used to kiss in my gleeful face


Every moment your thought is walking with me


Often that reminds me that you were a big banyan tree


Often I lose in dream to see your sweet image


In daybreak I wail only for the loss of your lively face


A day before you caressed me touching my forehead and hand


I still then never felt I will be in such arid sand


Death has taken away thy mortal body from me


That can never kill those planted green sea


You ever planted upon me the songs of your soul


That is why I ever feel in me your majestic role


So long I will be alive on this lonely painful earth


Thy memory will ever haunt me as a unique art


You are my sweet father living ever in my soul


Nothing can substitute your sweet sensitive role

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My Love: A Lost Soul




Strayed being wayward...


In the world of illusion and passion


Drying up in the midst of the day


Looking for a drop of ray...


Winking to drink thy eternal glow


That once taught me to sink in the eternal flow


Suddenly a lusty storm devoured my soul


Living in oblivion I lost my path and  goal...


Days passed , weeks passed and thereby the months and years


Illusion,  lust,  greed and hopes engulfed all the prayers


Living in mother's womb I used to pray as you taught


Being enchained in such drifted earth I forgot your thought


I remember you promised me to keep a vast space


Coming to this mundane earth I lost thy grace


Neither could I define that you promised being pleased


Nor I could try to swim in thy world of bliss


I am now eagerly waiting to be blessed at this stage


Losing all my ages and soulful craze


Looking at the grey hair I am thinking in woe


How can I retreat to that lost glorious glow?


Waiting to cross the bar at least with thy vibes


My dead mind is drifting among the helpless lives


Weeping in utter woe for the lost sold soul


Lying in the burnt pyre I can envision my lost path and goal.

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My Love: A Soul


You can't leave me...


You can't....


Being an embodiment of your heart, head and soul


I am ever enraptured with your magical role


A magical role...


That removes my worries in times of hardships


That removes my helplessness in times of isolation


That caresses me to sleep in times of insomnia


That speaks to me in all walks of life...


In daydream…




In every moment even when I think to die




I can't die....


From you…


Even from me…


So long we have this magical tie


Which we cared and reared...


Without any earthly fear


For many hours and tears




Many hours and tears....


Which we shed in silence with confusions and cares


You can't leave me dear


You can't…


Just you can't…

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RATAN GHOSH (India), MPhil, PhD, Editor, a free-lance writer, a poet, a Short story writer, has experience of more than 15 years of teaching and research. He has published a number of research articles in peer review and UGC approved journal and presented seminar papers in National and International seminars in different universities of India. His poems have been featured in many international E- journals, Journals and paper back anthologies across the globe.



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