Sunday, November 1, 2020





My Sea Garden


My heart is full


waking up before the sun is up


A wondrous day ahead of me


Excited I am up to see


the beauty of the sea


I thank the Lord


For the grace and beauty


Of the green mountains


surrounding the sea


Ready to paddle and waddle


My fingers playfully glide


on the flowing salty water


In the midst of busy days


I find insurmountable solace


In my little sea garden


is my garden of Eden.




Weeds Of The Sea


The flowers of the sea of many colours


Fragile and tender yet cared for by the ocean


Cradle in the ocean depths and salty waters


And shallow lagoons too of mans’ Islands


Seaweeds! You are named by our ancestors


Oh! Your splendour, adorned with Ocean Hues


Expose yet splash by Ocean mystiques


Food for the human race


Merchants delight reaping on its benefits.




Water Power


Rain falling heavily


Raining immensely!


Pouring, pouring like there’s no end for rainy days.


While the farmers dancing exquisitely


Rejoicing to this outpouring bounty.


My province declared unhappily


No classes again almost every day.


The reservoir of water from heaven


The nozzles of the earth have wide open.


Water, water everywhere,


Our countless islands are blessed


So much water here to there


With more than seven thousand islands


And our all yea round monsoon feast!


The world is amused!


If you know that H20 is not the only abundant here


Yes, my friend!


Untouched and unused that’s heavy waters,


Magnificent! Magnified strength of a body of water


Unheard like some kind of queer


Yet, ABUNDANT on this beautiful


Eden called the PHILIPPINES.




EDEN SORIANO TRINIDAD hails from the Philippines. She is a poet, translator, entrepreneur, humanitarian, and peace advocate. The University of the Philippines Institute of the Philippines Creative Writing Freelipiniana Online Library (FOL) published five of her books and works. She has participated in numerous International and local anthologies, literary online and printed magazines, and International literary and humanitarian conferences. Her selected poems are featured on the full page in Haiphong weekend, Văn Ngh newspapers, Nht L Vietnam literary magazine, China National newspaper “Science Herald”, First World daily Poetry in Macao, and Weixin. She has translated in Filipino 4 Epic books of famous International authors and she is the weekly translator of ITHACA POEMS in Filipino.


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