Wednesday, March 1, 2023



Shadows And Lights


Shadows march away from the light

they are lonely shadows that wander

while others believe beings of light

they shine, but they carry demon’s inside

they feed on stealing the happiness of others...


With sounds masked by charm

weave threads to manipulate the world

industries disguised as paradises

they sell water like a luxurious diamond

sell my tears, it doesn't hurt.


Beings of light that sinisterly submit

under stereotypes and their lethal egomania

massacre with doves of supposed peace

the bullet has already killed the dove and the revolutionary

no one can reveal himself or he will perish.


The light ignites the gap that sets everything on fire

in the shadows are the survivors

healing the scars of the skin and the soul

seeking not to be part of a programmed destiny

seeking not to be condemned by dogmas.


Shadows glow in the dark

protecting the jungle from the bloodthirsty

protecting vegetation from rot

of the millionaires who shine like hellish gold

who have the power of the world and not the power to heal.


The leftovers try to rescue their humanity

cutting the strings of the puppeteers

burning the casts and the crosses of swords

giving up buying all consumerism

they will strip the appearances of supposed luminescence.


The shadows will shine with all their humanity

they will recover the land to sow without killing

they will create beautiful paths and not cemeteries

we will talk about values and not about wars

the desire to feel the pure air of peace, can be achieved.




PAOLA ANDREYNA HERRERA HERRERA. She was born in Potosí - Bolivia. Communication and Languages Graduate: Productive Community Secondary Education”, Executive Secretary and Accounting Assistant. Writer, poet, literary and cultural manager, editor and artist.

She has 9 printed works, 69 printed anthologies and 49 digital anthologies published, also 97 digital magazines, all published nationally and internationally.


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