Wednesday, March 1, 2023





 I forgot what a kiss is the taste of an afternoon coffee.

So as the waves pulled from the land, I feel like a desert ship.


Contact I forgot what that word means, Shipwreck for months In books I look for a meaning to embrace me, to tell me everything will be fine ..

 To go and leave those roses in my father's memory, To light a candle to the Virgin Mary.


Contact, To be in your dream hug Let me see your eyes To smell your perfume I'm looking for that word in that old dictionary

©®Eva Petropoulou Lianou


Μy Boring Life


My life was boring and without sense

I find friends inside verses and music

and poetry


My boring life

Full of I _must do_

And of what not to say to do


I finally find freedom in my fairy-tale stories


I discovered a place where I can worship

Another ego

Except myself...


So beautiful poems

Verses that speak the truth

Travel with my heart

To so many countries


My boring life

Was just a question

That response I discover...


In a few lines

Open up your heart

Without fear

Because people exist in


With the same heart as


©Eva Petropoulou Lianou





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