Wednesday, March 1, 2023



O The Snowflakes 


come out of the gestation of clouds

run out of the immurement of Heaven

You the fairies

flutter and fall all the way fatefully


dancing while falling

You scatter the six-petal dresses

So many people admire your white bodies

but not understand the sadness in dances


singing while falling

You waken the souls of wintersweets

So many people revel in your fragrance

but not distinguish the groans in your songs


weeping while falling

You moisten the Spring hearts in soil

So many people enjoy your sacrifice

but not clasp the spirits in your bodies




Earth unrolls the white paper of picture

History drifts the glitter of poems


People are gamboling in the cold world

People are in love with the holy dreams


O the snowflakes Why do you

whiten and empty time and space

O the snowflakes Why do you

cover the dirtiness and traps


The Floating Ice In Early Spring


The lake swallowed sunshine yesterday

stretching a layer of thin ice this morning

Sunlight twisted its waist on the floating ice

Spring breeze is sneezing on the floating ice

My eyesight

is turning back with the chill of life

Some winter jasmines are drumming by the lake

Some magpies are flying over trees and crying for love

The silent water of the lake

Why has it been defending to the cold of last night

His stiff expression

much like an old person’s facial paralysis

Spring tides are surging in the rivers in the south

Peach blossoms in hometown wakened me with scratching

How many hearts has the floating ice stroked and hurt

I may throw a stone to break it

or awaiting sunshine to melt it

By the lake I see the view of icebreaker's back

Before I turn into a statue

This lake water must be rippling and smiling

Sound of Spring must be blooming all over the earth



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