Wednesday, March 1, 2023



The Invincible Love


When the road is flooding like a roaring Tiger

It announced that..

It will come to say

That the tree is in the love


It is in the deep heart

Which is invisible

Coming all of sudden

Why does the rose keep silent as a statue


Meanwhile the earth is trembling

And the moon is smiling

To gaze the twilight suffering

Before it comes to sleep



What I Wish To Do


What I wish to do is to know the sun

It is the only one to provide the lighting

If it enlightens all thy hope

This world is fully smiling

What I wish to do is to know how far

the lighting will be there to keep thy life

Though it is near my house

That I am in a horse to take my trip

Though the woods are not hard to pass

The track never complains

Since the sunlight helps thy steps

That should be reminded

What I wish to do is to know

where I should have to go in 2023

Hoping the lives will not be in suffering

Since this world is beautiful


My Love Never Stop


How can my love stop

It  goes  around the world

It never fades away

That I use to keep till to die


Love towards nature is a must

It is a creation of God

To believe or not to be

Is the right of man


Keep the  nature to be the fact

As an object of a verse

Which should be accepted

Try not to stop the love


We are in the love  of nature

Seems to be the fact

That the landscape is fully to be a proof


Like the sea , mountain and others

How beautiful they are

As the creation of God

May be accepted to keep a belief


Never I Forget Where I  Am


Never I forget where I am

It is a must to know

What year I am now

It smiles beautifully like moonlight


It will not make disappointed

To remind how happy the world  will be there

The peace is on the right hand

Why not, it  comes down  with  nice face


My thanksgiving is addressed to Almighty

To give  a happy life

Which never to be forgotten

As long as  thy life be run


Never I forget where I am

The world belongs to us

It smiles like golden daffodils

That never be missed in the lives




SIAMIR MARULAFAU is Assoc. Prof at the Faculty of Vocational Sciences, University of North Sumatra, Medan-Indonesia. He has been teaching English language and literature since 1985. Besides teaching, he also conducted researches and presented them to universities around such as in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and some other places in his country. He belongs to a group of OPA writing poems in English. He had published 2 poems anthologies in English and 7 anthologies in Indonesian language.


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